Big Brother UK S09D88 (Channel 4)

Some of the HM are in the bedroom. Last night Lisa was evicted. Rachel, Mikey and Mo are in the garden. As part of his HOH duties, Mo must ensure that all of the HM are awake. Rex is sleeping. He wakes up. Mo tells him that he just wants to sunbathe in peace. Darnell calls Kat the biggest wind-up merchant in the house. Rex starts to take the Mick out of Kat. Darnell does so as well. They are joking with her and she doesn’t get it. Their jokes get serious. Rex says that she likes to pretend that she doesn’t understand things when it suits her. Rex continues his zero, zero, zero chant.

Mikey and Sara are in the bedroom. Mikey tells Sara that she likes bad boy types. Rex is in the diary room. He says that the mood in the house is very good. He’s surprised to see Sara and Darnell get very close again. They’ve done this before and they fell out. After that, Darnell fell to pieces and the other HM had to pick up the pieces. Now it’s time for round two. Sara is helping Darnell put on a charm bracelet. Rex says that Darnell really likes Sara, however Sara only likes him as a friend. He gets caught up in the game, in her game. He doesn’t understand why she lets him get that close to her. She leads them on and it isn’t fair. It’s because of her flirtatious nature. That’s how Sara gets what she wants and Rex thinks that it will end up in tears once again.

Mo, Darnell, and Rachel are in the garden. Greedy Mo is drinking a coke. It’s supposed to be for the non-drinkers. Darnell calls him a f**king greedy bastard. In the kitchen, Rex calls Mo a lazy bastard. Kat agrees. He’s the worst HOH ever. Mikey agrees and they are on a basic budget once again.

Sara is in the diary room. She’s happy to be here. In the back of her mind, she wants to be cautious with Darnell, but her hopes are in vain. She can’t understand that it will just come crashing down. He fancies her and she doesn’t fancy him. She wants his attention, but not anything further.

Rex and Mo try to tell Darnell that what he’s trying to do with Sara won’t work out. Mo says that Sara is just using Darnell. Rex says that it’s going to be a Sara and Darnell task. Rex says that it’s for the new couple. Rex says that Mo’s heart was broken.

Darnell’s in the house to get muff.

BB has gathered HM at the sofas. The HOH is called to the diary room. Mo’s has got food all over his mouth. Rex didn’t tell him. Mo gets an envelope to read out to the HM. For today’s task, the HM have to describe and identify the HM’s distinctive personality traits. They are provided with pens and paper. Lazy Mo can’t read. He has to start over twice. The words are too big for Lazy Mo. Rex takes over and reads properly.

The HM are writing their personality trait cards. The HM must only enter one word in the each of the trait cards. BB has called Mikey to the diary room. He says that Darnell is creative, complex and pessimistic. Mo is silly, selfish and rude. He admits to struggling with Lazy Mo. He couldn’t really find anything positive to say about him. Even more now than in the past.

Rachel can’t sing either. Why doesn’t she just shut up? Sara joins Darnell, Mo and Rex. Rex says that Darnell told them it was bros before hoes. Sara says that she’s not a ho. Mo finds it funny. Rex says that it’s them four against Kat and Rachel.

BB has called Darnell to the diary room. He’s the first HM to participate in the individual part of the task. He picks Mo’s name and has to find the words that identify trait words in 90 seconds. He manages to find them. Darnell feels bad because he made it hard for his HM to guess the words he used. He made up some words like bootylicious. Sara nd Darnell are flirting in the garden. Sara and Darnell are holding hands. Rex says that he isn’t interested in their sordid relationship. Kat is called to the diary room. She has picked her own name from the top hat. She gets her words pretty easily. She’s told that she’s also devious, flamboyant and fictitious. She’s got trouble pronouncing charismatic. She doesn’t understand most of these words. Darnell and Sara continue flirting heavily in the living room. He puts his head right in front of hers. It looks like they are kissing.

So far, Darnell and Kat have passed their task. Mikey failed to identify all of the words describing Rex. It’s Mo’s turn and he picked Rachel. He’s not doing well. He’s a total git. He didn’t manage to get any words describing her. He keeps repeating Rachel. Rachel and Mikey are bum fighting in the pool.

Rachel passed her task. Rex failed hers. Sara has chosen Mikey. If she passes, the HM will pass the task. As she only identified one word, she fails the task. The HM failed the task. Kat wants to know more about flamboyant. Most of the other HM are in the garden. Darnell is pissed off that they didn’t pass the task. Mo tells him to lighten up. Darnell says that there is nothing to enjoy because they don’t pass anything. He thinks that they are just passing out. They kind of argue. Mikey, Rex and Kat are in the bedroom talking about today’s task. Rex used special to describe Darnell. Sara says that he would have hate that.

Darnell and Kat are in the bathroom. She used unique and positive. He doesn’t want to be unique. Being a unique is a problem. Darnell says that he is the one that used fictitious. He tries to put it into a positive spin, but that didn’t work out.

Rex put down demeaning and Rachel put down controlling. Kat agrees once they explained what demeaning meant. Rex said that Rachel was Disney, immature and annoying. Darnell said that Rachel was gullible and naïve. Mo has come to the diary room. He is embarrassed that he didn’t get anything during his individual task. He thinks that he’s the worst HOH ever.

You’re bullying my ears. Stop bullying my ears.
Rex to Kat

Mo wants to know if Rachel and Kat are always positive. Kat says that she’s obvious that she gets upset. Kat starts to sing itsy bitsy spider. Rex stops her. She’s singing and she doesn’t know all of the words. She also sings off-tune. He says that she torments people with her disastrous singing. Rex says that when they get out, he will give her a song on a CD. She can learn it from there. Rex comes up with a silent song. Mikey loves it.

Most of the HM are in the bedroom. Kat is in the diary room. She thinks that she is a part of a bunch of freaks. Darnell says that he promised that he would be like Kat in the house. Rex says that he couldn’t be less like Kat. He always complains. Rachel and Kat are singing in the garden. Kat is dancing. Darnell and Rex are talking about Kat and Rachel. They seek the attention of the viewing public all of the time.

* * * * *

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