Big Brother UK S09D90 (Channel 4)

Surprise eviction! Yes! Who will go? You decide! Two HM will leave. BB has asked the audience to keep quiet. Mikey is humming the Final Countdown by Europe.

As part of their shopping budget, they received 10 packets of fags. Sara tells Mo that he needs to share. Rex tells them that Mo got 6 packets. She only got two. Mo is a greedy bastard. He says that he didn’t take them all. Everyone knows that he took them all. Mo loses it and runs around. Mo says that Rex took them. Rex shares some cigarettes. Mo doesn’t.

Darnell and Kat are in the bathroom. Rex is in the diary room. He says that Mo is being greedy. Rex feels sorry for him. Mo isn’t sharing, even though he has the most HM. Rex blames Kat for making Darnell look bad. They are both alike.

Mikey is wearing Sara’s sleeping mask. It’s got frills and lace. He enjoys it. Kat and Rachel are in the bathroom. It’s an Ann Summer sleeping mask. Rex is teasing Sara about bondage. Sara admits that someone bought it for her. Then she changed her mind and says that she bought it. Darnell is getting some attention from Sara. Darnell says that it’s part of a sex set.

Mo isn’t working out. Rex wonders why. He’s actually sleeping. Rachel is in the diary room. She thinks that being called a Disney character is a compliment. She’s got them all over her room and bedspread in her room. What kind of a freak is she? She’s in her twenties, not a toddler. She’s a total screw-up. She loves Mikey. She thinks that she made friends for life. Rex thinks that Rachel would be Babe the pig. Rex thinks that Mo is the beast.

Kat tells Rachel that she is scared of the public. Darnell, Sara and Rex are in the bathroom. Mo is in the living room. He is making a checker board. BB informs the HM of a new rule. They are told that board games are no longer allowed. They have been playing for 20 minutes. Mo is called to the diary room. He has to bring his board game. In exchange of the board game, they get a task. Kat is nodding off in the sofa. Darnell just got stung by a wasp. That will teach him for lounging around without a shirt.

The HM are dodging the wasp. Rex is having fun by trying to kill it. He had no trouble getting it. For today’s task, the HM have to cook a meal. Rex will judge. The HM are split into pairs. Mikey is having fun with Rachel.

Why, what blanche mean?
Idiotic Kat

As head chef, Rex must judge the HM’s cooking. Mo and Sara did a good job. Rex is full of compliments for them. Rex is very impressed. Mo gives Sara a kiss on the cheek. Kat and Darnell did a bad job. Rachel and Mikey weren’t too shabby either. They didn’t do well for the desert. Mo and Sara win hands down. Sara and Mo get some alcohol for all of the HM. Mo doesn’t want to share. He just wants to be greed, as usual.

All of the HM are in the living room talking about the face to face nominations. Rachel tells Rex that he was very different when Nicole was in the house. Sara and Darnell agree. Rachel says that she still likes him. Rex says that he is real. Rex says that Rachel is fake and being positive. Rex says that she chose Mikey and Kat in a task where obviously they weren’t the best. Rex says that she always agree to things. Darnell and Sara are flirting again. Mikey is in the diary room talking about the fact that Rex is giving Rachel a hard time for nominating him. Underneath it all, Kat isn’t happy. Both Kat and Darnell want to win the show. If they won’t win, they will be devastated. He’s still wearing Sara’s sleeping mask.

Secret Double Eviction

Mo is the first evicted HM. Finally, the greedy bastard is out. He has to leave immediately. Kat cries like a bitch. God I hate her. Boos await the greedy, lazy Mo. He’s shocked.

Darnell is running around calling BB a dickhead. Rachel and Kat are sobbing. Rex looks shocked.

Mo is shown footage of his greediness. Mo was told by a BB psychologist that everyone was angry with him because of his greediness. He didn’t change. Since he was so greedy and lazy, I couldn’t really be bothered to watch the exit video in its entirety.

Davina talks with the house once again. The 13th person evicted is Kat. All right! That’s the best news ever. Rachel is crying like it’s the end of the world. Darnell joins her in sobs. Kat cries. And I’m laughing my ass off. Rex is just pacing. Kat has to leave the house.

Kat is greeted by a chorus of boos. She is still sobbing. I feel total Schadenfreude when I see her reaction. The best part is that she’s still wearing a morning robe. All of a sudden she starts to be very excited and smiles.

She hasn’t got anything good to say during her interview. She is shown Mario’s impression of her. It was pretty funny. She’s shown her childish behaviour.

* * * * *

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