Big Brother UK S09D91 (Channel 4)

Rachel says that she eats five bags of grapes a day. Mikey tells her that she needs to find a grocer who can supply her.

Sara says that she wants Mikey to win. Darnell wants to know why. Sara says that he makes her laugh in the most random way. Darnell and Rex say that it’s not good enough. Darnell says that he wants Rex or Mo to win. Sara walks away when Darnell gets worked up as usual. Darnell wants to talk with Mikey. He wants to know why so many HM want him to win, even though they don’t spend any time with him. Mikey doesn’t know why Mo is still friends with Rex, because he’s been going on about Greedy Mo being greedy. Darnell is just up to his usual crap.

The HM are gathered together. They will get to impersonate the other HM. They will receive a luxury hamper filled with goodies. The HM start off by impersonating Darnell. Kat is doing well. Darnell is going around provoking the HM. He’s pretending to be an overtly positive Sara. Darnell is in the diary room. He says that he’s got a big bad potty mouth. The HM impersonating me emphasize the negative side of him, which is who Darnell is. That’s the way that he is perceived. He says that Darnell is someone hard to be friends with. The HM are doing a good job.

The second HM to be impersonated is Mikey. The HM are blinded and get a walking stick. Mikey throws water at Darnell and others in the living room. Mikey is rolling around on the floor laughing. Mikey goes to the garden and rolls around laughing some more. He’s having a lot of fun with the task. He keeps throwing stuff at the blinded HM. Rex tries to put water on Mikey but misses. Mikey doesn’t miss. Rex and Mikey are having fun trying to splash each other with water.

HM have been impersonating Kat for a little while. Darnell as Kat comes to see BB. The other HM are singing in the garden. The next HM to be impersonated is Rex. Darnell is smoking in the ashtray with the other HM.

You know that this necklace cost 200K, I got it for free.
Mikey as Rex

BB has called Rex to the diary room. Rex thinks that he always puts a price on things, which surprised him. He didn’t think that he was like that. He works hard for his money and enjoys spending it. He didn’t think that he was that materialistic.

HM have been Rachel for 38 minutes. Mikey throws chick peas at all of the HM. The other HM get out of character. Rex and Kat aren’t happy because they will have to clean them up. Mikey can’t clean. Rachel says that Rachel would just start picking them up. Rex takes the opportunity to call Mikey Wickey a complete plonker.

HM have been impersonating Mo for a little while. The HM are unaware that they will be a double eviction in a short while. Mo and Kat will leave. Instead of the crowd noise, BB is playing Mo’s favourite songs to cover up the noises from the outside. Davina starts to talk to the house. Like the little bitch that she is, Kat is freaking out. Mo is evicted first. Rachel and Kat cry like little babies. It’s not like he’s dying or anything like that. He’s just been evicted. Darnell starts to swear. Mo is greeted with a lot of boos. The crowd music starts to play into the house. Darnell is crying in the bathroom.

It’s great to see Rachel comforting Kat. She doesn’t know that Kat is leaving in moments. Kat should start worrying about herself. She is so convinced that she’s make it into the finals. Kat starts to freak out again. Kat says that she doesn’t want any friends to leave. Kat is evicted. Rachel starts to cry and freak out. Rex is shocked. Darnell is screaming. This is gold. Kat and Rachel are crying like little babies. Kat is crying hysterically. Finally she realizes that she isn’t that popular. She is greeted by a lot of boos. Rex doesn’t understand. I do. It’s great. Rachel is crying because of the reception that Kat got. Darnell hasn’t stopped pacing around. Sara says that she’ll sing with her.

All of the HM are in the bedroom. Mikey didn’t think that all of them would make it this far. Mikey says that Rex was spot on. Some people will love Kat others will hate her. BB tells the HM that they have to become Sara immediately.

As a reward for completing the task, the HM received a luxury hamper. Darnell and Rachel are in the bathroom. Darnell says that he’s not alright. Rex says that it’s not that bad. They are all going to leave soon. It’s the final week. Darnell says that he feels like a jerk. He used to think that Kat was the winner from the get go and now she’s been evicted he feels like a dickhead.

Rachel is in the diary room. She confesses that she always thought that Kat was the winner. She didn’t think that she deserves to be here over Kat. Most of the HM are in the bathroom. Rex originally thought that he would only last four weeks.

Rachel is crying when she packs Kat’s suitcase. Darnell and Rex can’t believe that they survived today. Rex thinks that it’s either Darnell or Mikey who will win. Darnell says that he is content because people like him.

* * * * *

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