Big Brother UK S09D92 (Channel 4)

Rachel wakes up crying. Rex is in the diary room. He describes the mood in the house as fantastic. Rex says that he hasn’t enjoyed being a HM but he enjoyed the experience. He’s enjoying his own company.

Rex denies that he is a redhead. Darnell calls him out. He’s ginger and he’s got to live with it. Rex calls him a cockhead. Rex thinks that his hair is strawberry blond.

BB has gathered all of the HM at the sofas. On a whim, BB has decided to play crowd noises into the house. The HM believe think that there’s an eviction. Rex is getting dressed. Rachel looks despondent. They are told that they are in the final. Rachel still looks sad.

For today’s task the HM must compose a rap. The HM have mp3 players, chalks and chalkboard. If HM are successful, they will get to watch a full episode of BBUK. Darnell starts out with his rap. It’s pretty good. Rachel is next. Mikey follows. He does some strange break dancing. Rex liked it. Sara’s was shit but Rex’s was good. Rex forgot some of his lines and freestyled it.

Mikey and Darnell are in the living room. Rachel is in the diary room. She says that this morning was hard. She will miss a lot of things.

I will miss the carpet and I will even miss the cutlery.

The HM passed the task. They get to choose which episode they get to watch. The HM want to watch cops and robbers since all of the HM are in. Rex wanted to see the entrance. Rex informs BB which episode they chose. Darnell is in the diary room. He enjoyed watching an episode of BB. He regrets being mean to Sara.

Sara and Darnell are spooning underneath the covers. Rachel watches on happily. Sara has come to the diary room. She’s had the best time.

Darnell and Sara are flirting in the bathroom. Rex is annoyed with them. They hug fiercely. Mikey has come to the diary room. He’s actually quite sad to leave the BB house.

Rex tells Darnell that he needs to ask Sara about how she feels about him. Rex tells him that he needs to keep it as friends between Sara. That way it’s easier if she doesn’t want anything.

* * * * *

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