Big Brother UK S09D93 (Channel 4)

It’s time for the final. We see the old HM. Dale is no longer going out with Jen. Luke and Bex are still going out.

Sara and Rex are at the ashtray. She says that she has really warmed up to Darnell lately. She would really like Darnell to win. Mikey and Rachel are in the bedroom. Mikey says that he came to the BBUK house to watch it while he was here.

All of the HM are at the dining table having a farewell dinner that BB provided. For some reason, Darnell has got an eye patch on. It seems that he was stung by a wasp. The HM make speeches about their time in the house.

The HM are dancing, but Rex is pissed that they only got a bottle of champagne.

Darnell finishes 5th. He is greeted by a chorus of boos. I hope it scars him psychologically. For some reason Darnell is wearing a white skirt and is idiotic hoodie. Darnell is shown footage of how miserable he was in the house. Davina wonders why he went into Bad Darnell mode. She says that Darnell was cruel to Sara.

Rex finishes 4th. Rex is greeted by a bigger chorus of boos. Rex is shown footage of how he made fun of the HM at their expense.

Sara finishes 3rd. She is greeted by cheers. It’s a very good reception. The paparazzi are screaming after her. Davina tells Sara that Darnell obviously fancies the pants off her. Sara says that she does like Darnell.

The winner is Rachel. That totally sucks. Mikey is greeted by cheers. There are a few great moments in Mikey’s best bits. The part where he eats hot peppers was especially hilarious. The other really funny bit was when he got hit by a ball in the head in the pool. It was hilarious. I watched it a few times.

Rachel’s interview is shit.

* * * * *

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