Big Brother US S10E20 (CBS)

Dan had to nominate Memphis in order to respect his deal with Ollie. Actually this is a ploy by Dan. Memphis comes to talk with Dan. He’s a little pissed. He wants him to continue acting pissed off. Dan tells Memphis that Ollie isn’t going to pick the replacement nominee. Dan tells Keesha and Renny that if the veto is used, he’s nominating Michelle.

Ollie tells Jerry what the deal was with Dan. Jerry immediately realizes that if Dan doesn’t respect the deal, they are screwed. Jerry thinks that Ollie made a terrible deal. Dan has already broken his word.

Dan should just backdoor Ollie and get rid of him, instead of Michelle. Dan gathers the HM in the living room. America has been voting to decide which HM will get a phone call from home. Michelle starts to cry like a baby. Renny comforts her. These are adults and they are crying because they want to talk with their moms.

There is a phone in the living room. It’s ringing. It’s Jerry’s family.

It’s time for the POV comp. Dan, Memphis, and Jerry will play with Renny, Keesha and Michelle. Jerry picked Michelle because she would remove him from the block. Ollie still believes that Dan is going to respect his deal.

Ollie hosts the POV comp. The HM are dressed up as astronauts. They will be suspended and will have to complete a puzzle. Michelle, Dan and Keesha are in heat one. Michelle, Memphis and Renny are in heat 2.

Dan doesn’t want to win. That would sabotage his plan.

What Michelle has in strength, she lacks in brainpower.

Keesha wins the first heat. Memphis easily wins the 2nd heat. He will compete against Keesha for the POV. Memphis wins POV. Dan and Memphis celebrate in the HOH room. He tells Renny and Keesha about the 3rd part of the deal. Dan says that he is planning on nominating someone from their alliance. Renny tells him that he’ll need protection.

Ollie wants to talk with Dan. Ollie wants Keesha nominated. Dan has another plan. He makes all of the HM say who they want nominated. He wants some fireworks, whatever that means.

Memphis uses the POV and Dan nominates Michelle.

* * * * *

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