Big Brother US S10E21 (CBS)

Two HM will be evicted tonight. Moments from now, one of the nominees will be evicted. The HM will battle it out to become the next HOH. That HOH will have nominate two HM. Then, there will be a POV comp and an eviction. It’s called Fast Forward.

Ollie and Jerry aren’t happy. Jerry thinks that if he says nothing, Michelle will self-destruct. She’s in the diary room cussing. Ollie and Michelle want to call Dan out. Michelle thinks that Dan is a plant in the house. Ollie starts to talk and Dan leaves.

Ollie is still screaming his head off at HM who don’t give a shit. Memphis and Keesha don’t really care. Memphis thinks that Ollie got played. Ollie calls Memphis a red haired cabbage patch kid. Ollie comes to see Dan. Ollie is losing it. Dan says that it’s a game. Ollie leaves, confused and tired of being played.

Renny, Keesha and Memphis talk strategy with Dan. Ollie is thrashing the place. They watch it on the big screen.

Michelle comes out to see Dan. She’s bitching about what happened. She wonders why he didn’t nominate Ollie. She’s got nothing to say.

Plastic Chen tells the HM that two of them will remain.

Votes to evict

Keesha            Michelle

Memphis         Michelle

Ollie                Jerry

Renny              Michelle

Michelle is evicted by a vote of 3-1.

It’s time for the HOH comp. It has to do with imaginary HM headlines that the viewers voted on from After 3 questions, it’s between Jerry, Keesha and Ollie. Jerry is in the lead. After six questions, Jerry is in the lead with 5. There is a tie between Jerry and Keesha. Keesha is the new HOH. She’s ecstatic. Dan and Memphis rejoice.

Keesha nominates Ollie and Jerry. It’s time for the POV comp. They have to find two veto medallions hidden in hay stacks and return them to the stand. They can only return one medallion at a time. Dan wins POV. Jerry and Ollie didn’t even have time to find one medallion. What a bunch of idiots! Even Renny and Keesha had one up.

Dan doesn’t use the POV. The nominations stay intact.

Votes to evict 2

Dan                 Ollie

Renny              Ollie

Memphis         Ollie

Ollie is evicted. No surprise there. He was a lackluster player since April left the house. I want to know what happens in the jury house. Ollie knew he was evicted even before it was read out. He got up and left.

* * * * *

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