Big Brother US S10E22 (CBS)

With Ollie and Michelle gone, Jerry is left standing alone as his alliance was completely decimated. Most of the HM were happy to see her go.

Jerry wants the HM to talk to him a bit. He feels lonely all alone. He tries to talk with Renny. She doesn’t like him at all. They have nothing in common. He’s not her kind of person. Jerry is trying to make new friends. The Renegade alliance is just happy that they got rid of Ollie.

Renny thinks that it’s 6PM in New Orleans when it’s 8PM in California. She starts to argue with Dan when he says that its 10PM. She then realizes her mistake. Dan and Memphis imitate Keesha’s laugh. It’s pretty bad. I think that it’s kind of endearing.

It’s time for the next HOH comp. Keesha is wearing a top hat. It’s 3 against 1. They have to shoot balls at numbers, signifying when an event happened. Renny is shit at it. Dan’s got it on the money. He gets the best score in the first round. In the second round, Dan is on top again. He leads by 6 penalty points. In the third round, once again Dan is on top. It’s between Jerry and Dan. Dan manages to stay on top in the fourth round. In the fifth round, Jerry doesn’t get a penalty point. Dan has got the lead by two pts. In round six, Jerry gets the lead by 6 pts. In the final round, Dan gets it on the money. He stays at 31. Jerry wins HOH with 29 penalty points. This was the worst case scenario for the Renegade Alliance. Dan is going to get nominated. It would be a good way to get rid of Renny.

All of them had trouble with Jerry. Dan thinks that he will get nominated with Renny. The other HM pucker up and schmooze Jerry when he opens his HOH room. Jerry takes the opportunity to bore the HM to death with his annoyingly boring stories.

Renny was sleepwalking during the night. The other HM find it hilarious. The next morning, she doesn’t believe that she ate an Almond Joy in her sleep in the middle of the night.

Dan and Memphis talk strategy. They think that all that Jerry wants is to not go home. For them to survive this week, only one of them can go on the block. That way, the other one is left in play. Memphis goes to see Jerry. Since Dan nominated Memphis, he thinks that Jerry will listen to him. Jerry says that he wants to take Memphis to the final two. Jerry plans on nominating Dan. They both need to fight for the POV.

Jerry nominated Keesha and Dan.

* * * * *

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