New Trends in Photography: Panographies

As technology evolves, so does photography. Thanks to more powerful computers, better cameras and better software, photography is in a state of constant evolution. In recent years, HDR took the world by storm. This article will focus on the new evolving trend of panographies.

Fremont by Sgoralnick
Fremont by Sgoralnick

Panographies are large panoramas, which are assembled to give a better representation of images to what the eye really sees. The results are surprising and interesting. Panographies are visually compelling and attract attention thanks to all of the details, which is a stark contrast to HDR. HDR focuses on colors. Panographies focus on the details.

Stepping Out on Georg-Glock-Straße by Mareen Fischinger
Stepping Out on Georg-Glock-Straße by Mareen Fischinger

Panographies are almost akin to panoramas, but with a lot more images. The images have to be shot manually, with custom white balance, shutter and aperture. This ensures that each shot isn’t light-metered and differently exposed, therefore reducing the differences in contrast. Image sizes and weight have to be carefully monitored so they don’t crash your computer system. It’s recommended to reduce sizes about 800 pixels and add the images by groups of 5 to 10.

Königsalle  Düsseldorf on a Cold and Rainy Sunday by Mareen Fischinger
Königsallee, Düsseldorf on a Cold and Rainy Sunday by Mareen Fischinger

One panographer of note is German fashion photographer Mareen Fischinger. The viewpoints of her photos and the collages that she creates are enrapturing.

Panografia Hotel Victoria by Guatman
Panografía Hotel Victoria by Guatman

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7 thoughts on “New Trends in Photography: Panographies”

  1. Hi, usually panographies are assembled by Photoshop, a few images at a time by hand… No photo-stitching software is supposed to be used.

  2. Cool article on panography! It seems there are so many shades of photography that everyday I encounter a different one. Thanks for feeding me today.

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