9/11 Seven Years Later

Where were you?

I was at work, in a government building doing some statistical analysis when I heard what happened. I remember that around 9AM, people were glued to their screens watching videos of what had just happened. I was shocked. Even more so when the second tower was hit. Then it collapsed.

Reports came piling in. No one really knew what was happening. It all started with murmurs of surprise. I got up from my desk to see what was happening. Someone told me that New York had been attacked by terrorists. I jumped on my own computer and checked out what was really going on. I was completely flabbergasted.

Years later, and the US has completely changed. Post 9/11 USA is drastically different. We’ve seen an impact in Canada, but it’s negligible when you compare it to what happened south of the border.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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