Burn Notice S02E08 (USA)

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Burn Notice is a dramedy featuring intelligence work. Mike Weston used to work in intelligence, but got burned. He’s now stuck in Miami and has spent most of last season looking for the ones who put a burn notice out on him. He’s joined by an old friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is keeping tabs on him for the FBI counter-intelligence unit, and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an Irish gun totting ex-girlfriend, doing low-key operations in Miami, trying to help out and to make some money.

I thought that Burn Notice was enjoyable. It’s not the best of shows, but certainly follows the comedic elements put forth by Psych. We didn’t learn much about Mike. There was not a lot revealed about who Mike really works for. In the past, intelligence operatives worked exclusively for countries. Now corporate interests are also represented. Some of the largest corporations have profits well in excess of those of some countries. It’s just natural that the intelligence field was privatized as well, just like the armed forces are slowly being replaced by mercenary outfits run by giant corporations.

Mike thinks that he is close to finding Bill Johnson, thanks to Sam. Things don’t go as planned when Larry, a spy who faked his death a few years ago, comes back offering Mike a new gig. The trouble is that Mike doesn’t feel like killing anyone anymore.

Mike is getting closer to Carla, but he still hasn’t figured out why she burned him. However, he knows what she is planning. Maybe that will give Mike the leverage he needs to find out what he wants. I thought that this was a good episode. It sets up the season finale nicely. Maybe we’ll find out really why Mike was burned. Already, Larry revealed the reasons why everyone else thinks that Mike was burned. He killed the wrong people and sold secrets. But that might just be the cover reason.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sam and Mike are looking for Bill Johnson’s house. They find a suitable candidate. It looks like he’s living with his mom. Larry, the undead spy, shows up at Mike’s place. Mike thought he was dead. Larry thinks that Mike went off the reservation. Unauthorized kills and selling secrets. That’s what is in Mike’s dossier. He wants Mike to kill someone. Someone wants a woman killed. She stands to inherit money. Someone doesn’t want her to get the money. Mike takes the op to sabotage it.

Fi introduces Mike to Campbell, her new boyfriend. He needs her help to help Jeannie, the woman Larry has hired him to kill. Fi gets Jeannie alone so that she can tell him who wants her dead. Jeannie says that Drew might want her sick. He’s her husband’s son.

Mike’s mom comes by. She wants to try counselling again. Sam tells Mike that Bill had a big career in the military. He sublets, so he doesn’t live with his mom. Fi is babysitting Jeannie. Fi does some snooping on Drew. Drew made a copy from Jeannie’s datebook. Drew arrives. Drew calls his hitman. He tells his assassin that the hit can’t go down. It looks like he’s hired more than one hitman.

Larry comes by. He says that there is a problem with the hit because Jeannie has a girlfriend staying over. Mike says that Drew has double-booked the job. He’s got other hitmen trying to kill Jeannie through his coke dealer.

Mike poses as Larry and goes to see Drew. He convinces Drew a few hours to cancel the hit on Jeannie. Mike goes to therapy with his mom. His mom gives him a cover ID to get into Bill Johnson’s sublet. They go through the place and find one of Carla’s signature messages. She talks to him through crossword puzzles.

Mike learns that one of the killers planted a cell phone jammer in Jeannie’s car. Neither she or Fi can be reached. Drew wasn’t able to contact one of the hitmen. He told Drew that he was using a dump truck. Mike uses a pick-up truck to stop him. Fi stops and picks him up.

Mike tells Larry that the situation is solved. Larry doesn’t like losing money and goes to see Drew posing as Mike. Drew calls Mike in a panic. Mike thinks that it’s time for Larry to be really dead. He talks with Drew.

Fi is watching over Jeannie. She spots Larry spraying atropine on Jeannie’s fork. Sam’s in an ambulance with Campbell. Mike is putting together a sniper rifle. The plan goes well, but Drew messes up. He takes Drew hostage and Mike doesn’t have a shot. Drew looks dead. He calls Mike. Larry gets away with the money.

Bill Johnson uses the card that Carla had him forge. He’s been running tactical support for Bill. Mike thinks that he’s got a way to find out what’s going down.

* * * * *

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