Californication The Great Ashby S02E02 (Showtime)

It’s the season premiere of Californication, and it starts surprisingly. The show was very quickly renewed for a new season.

How long will it take Hank to mess things up with Karen? Not very long. Hank’s usual nice disposition doesn’t win him any favorites when he tries to talk his way out of a warning. He just gets arrested.

I enjoyed the whole first series. Even though some critics were against some of the more controversial scenes, I enjoyed them. It paints an interesting picture of the life of Hank Moody and his messed up life. Hank has been a real asshole in the past, but at the end of it all he’s a good man. If you thought that the second season was going to be any less controversial, think again. This time, it’s mouth rape.

Even though Karen decided to let Hank rot in jail for a little while, he gets bailed by Ashby, the guy at who’s place Hank committed inadvertent mouth rape. Ashby wants Hank to work with him.

Charlie and Marcy go down the deep end using coke and lobsters. Charlie actually loses his job. Only Hank can help him out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Hank is in prison. Becca tells Hank that they aren’t bailing him out. Karen is giving him the silent treatment. Becca says that she’ll work on Karen.

Marcy wants to get it on with Charlie. She wants coke, lobster and condoms. Marcy is waxing a porn actress who’s afraid of becoming the ass licker in movies. Charlie tells her that she could branch out. Hank is trying to reach Charlie. He’s not available. Some strange biker dude thinks that Hank touched his ass. He’s very proud of it. Hank sees the guy from the party last night turn up in the cell. He’s Lou Ashby. He was accused by the crazy chick from last night with domestic abuse.

Mia is in a meeting with Charlie and Dani. Charlie is in a funk since he knows that Mia stole Hank’s novel. Dani tries to smooth things over, but Charlie refuses her advances.

Ashby wants Hank to write a script for him. He wants them to work together. It looks like Hank needs a good lawyer. Karen is having lunch with Sonja. She wants to work with her. Charlie tries to have a word with his boss, but things don’t go as planned because Dani outmanoeuvred him. She’s shown him vids of Charlie wanking off at the office.

Becca wants to bail out Hank. Mia comes by. She wants Karen to read her book. Mia is surprised that Hank is in jail. Karen finally goes to bail Hank out. Ashby bailed him out. He wants to have a drink with him. He gets into his Rolls. He takes him to a club. Hank is surprised to see that Ashby was getting a blowjob while they were talking.

Marcy is incredibly sweaty and doing coke. They are both on coke. Charlie says that he doesn’t like his job anymore. Marcy says that he needs to sell. They sound like crazy people. The coke sure doesn’t help matters.

Ashby brings Hank to see the house of one of his ex-wives. All he wants is her. Marcy calls Hank. They go see her. Charlie has locked himself in the bathroom. Ashby starts doing some coke. Charlie is lying in the bathtub. He says that he got fired. He screams that Marcy never listens to him. He makes Charlie feel better and goes back home.

* * * * *

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