The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl S02E01 (ITV)

Billie Piper stars as Belle de Jour, a call girl from London. This show is based on the blog of Belle de Jour. She has written two books about her life and had been a contributing writer of the Telegraph until 2006. ITV has ordered a total of 8 episodes of this show.

This is the season premiere of the second season of the ITV show. In the last season finale, Belle had to decide between a super elite group of whores or being an independent escort. She tries out the first part and finds that it isn’t for her. Belle is still an independent escort and meets Bambi, a girl wanting to become one. Things go wrong when a freelance journalist followed her around after she refused to spill the beans on one of her famous clients. Belle thinks that she’s about to be outed.

Unlike what I initially expected, this show isn’t really about the world of prostitution. It almost idealizes what happens to sex-workers. I still find that the show doesn’t get into enough details about the life of a prostitute. It just skims the surface. Other shows like Californication and Weeds are able to delve deeper into issues while maintaining the same half hour format. Why didn’t Secret Diary?

If you keep in mind that this show is nothing more than a light dramedy, then you’ll be satisfied. Don’t expect it to tackle any earth-shattering issues. All in all, the show was OK, nothing more, nothing less. Other than that, Billie Piper is looking hot as usual.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Belle gets ready for her next appointment, Alex. She meets him in a hotel bar. She gets paid right there. He buys her a drink. He lives in Dublin. She checks the enveloped and finds that the envelope contained the guy’s passport. It turns out that it’s the wrong Alex, that’s why he as so awkward. She gets a phone call from the right Alex, who’s waiting for her downstairs. She excuses herself. The real Alex is older. He wants her to put on a maid’s uniform. He hands her a wad of cash.

Belle leaves after she’s completed her job. She sees the other Alex drinking alone in the bar.

The next day, she receives a frantic phone call from some girl. Some bloke named Ky turns up and offers her 15,000 pounds for her story. The day before she slept with a liberal democrat named Farringdon. He wants to know what happened. Belle is late for her nephew’s christening. Her dad is waiting for her. She makes it just in time. She is to become a godparent. While the reverend is making her swear her oath, she thinks of the filthy thinks she did with Farringdon. He wanted her to pee on her. A golden shower aficionado. Her sister isn’t too happy with Hannah.

Ben turns up. Hannah finds social gatherings harder than she used to. She imagines telling her family that she’s a whore. That wouldn’t work out. Ben has got to leave soon. Vanessa has got him on a short leash. Hannah shatters the vase that was holding the flower petals that she was supposed to drop on her nephew. She finds out that she’s still got Alex’s passport. She drops it off. Alex was about to leave for the passport office. He emotionally blackmails her into giving out her number.

Belle meets the girl that wanted to meet her earlier. She’s a strange one. Ky turns up. He shows her photos of Belle at the christening. He followed her. The girl answers Belle’s phone. She steals one of her clients, David. Ky says that her photo will run in tomorrow’s paper anyway. Belle is about to be outed.

Hannah gets a call from Alex. He moved to London and got the job. She tells him to call her if he still wants to see her tomorrow. Hannah is thinking that the scandal will break and her private life will be in shambles. Her family will find out what she does.

The next day, she finds out that Ky found another prostitute to tell her story. Bambi walks in to see David, Belle’s client. Alex calls her back.

* * * * *

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