Kodak Wireless All-in-One Printer

In our quest to declutter home offices, we’ve come-upon the brand new Kodak WiFi enabled All-in-One printer line. What’s really interesting is that they also promise the lowest ink replacement cost in the industry. The new Kodak printers allow uses to print up to twice as many photos and documents, saving consumers an average of $110 a year.

My latest from Unplggd…

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3 thoughts on “Kodak Wireless All-in-One Printer”

  1. Couple problems with Kodak.
    1. The colors do not get used at the same amount, which means you could have a cartridge with plenty of a couple colors be out.
    2. The quality isn’t the best. Not very small droplet size.

    Design wise, it is some of the best out there, but my concerns with the Kodak out weigh that aspect.

  2. We would like to see an ESP 9 at a retail store in the Twin Cioties area, i.e Minneapois/St Paul and surrounds.

  3. I find the Kodak printers to be extremely good at printing photos on Kodak photopaper so I am surprised that oinkinkstore has found problems with the printing. I have two Kodak printers and both print images that are just like photographs. Be sure to use Kodak paper because they sense that in the printer and optimize their printing for it.

    As far as the single color cartrige versus individual color cartridges there are theoretical advantages to either setup. A problem with individual color cartriges is that if you have several cartridges each running out of ink randomly you will find you are constantly changing ink and reprinting pages on which that cartridge became empty. Additionally, there is a significant purge function on inkjet printers that is required whenever a cartridge is changed to eliminate air bubbles. Doing this purge function wastes a lot of ink for each of the ink cartridge changes.

    So in the end, I suspect Kodaks system is quite efficient from an ink point of view. Certainly it is when you consider that their ink is price at about 1/2 the price of other companies inks.

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