Moving In

I was so tired after my 11.1 km run Tuesday night, that I didn’t move my bags into my new place. My furniture was arriving the next day and I wanted to spend a night in the new place, most probably on the couch.

Well, that didn’t happen. After I had my dinner, I was totally out of it. I decided to wake up the next morning and get to my place by 8AM. The delivery would happen between 8-12. I was hoping that it would be closer to 8, that way I could get some errands done.

I arrived at my place at 8:05AM and the delivery men were waiting. It took them a few minutes and my stuff was there. I didn’t really have time to relax since I had to finish my Unplggd articles for the day. I started working.

Then, I left the place to go to work. I came back in the afternoon and ate a meal. I left again for work and came back at around 5:45PM. My roommates were still not there. I hadn’t seem them all day.

My place is a 1800 sqf apartment on two floors which I share with two other guys. In French, we say a 7 1/2, meaning that it has 7 1/2 rooms. Lorenzo is a Swiss Italian doing a Master’s in Geology. JP is a friend of a friend that I knew back in 2000.

We had a good time and made a meal together. I made a salad with JP. Lorenzo made an entrée and some risotto. It as pretty good. Strangely enough, we are all in training. Lorenzo is training as a triathlete. JP does a lot of cycling. I do a lot of running. Lorenzo cycled a lot during the summer in Switzerland. He started getting back into running. I haven’t run with him yet, but he’s doing 15km twice a week.

I’ve been in Quebec for about 20 days. This is the first time that I could start unpacking my clothes. Well, I still don’t have any hangers, but you get the idea. I’m sleeping in a bed again.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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