Burn Notice S02E09 (USA)

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Burn Notice is a dramedy featuring intelligence work. Mike Weston used to work in intelligence, but got burned. He’s now stuck in Miami and has spent most of last season looking for the ones who put a burn notice out on him. He’s joined by an old friend Sam (Bruce Campbell), who is keeping tabs on him for the FBI counter-intelligence unit, and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), an Irish gun totting ex-girlfriend, doing low-key operations in Miami, trying to help out and to make some money.

I thought that Burn Notice was enjoyable. It’s not the best of shows, but certainly follows the comedic elements put forth by Psych. We didn’t learn much about Mike. There was not a lot revealed about who Mike really works for. In the past, intelligence operatives worked exclusively for countries. Now corporate interests are also represented. Some of the largest corporations have profits well in excess of those of some countries. It’s just natural that the intelligence field was privatized as well, just like the armed forces are slowly being replaced by mercenary outfits run by giant corporations.

Mike does a favor for Campbell and tries to work against Carla’s interests. It doesn’t work out as planned when Nate gets arrested and Carla tells him to butt out of her business. Mike realizes that Carla is running a set-up/distraction for him and tries to get away to stop the kill. Things don’t go as planned when the sniper ends up dead by explosion. Mike is almost killed the same way.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sam and Mike are watching the building. It’s the building that the sniper got the access key to, thanks to Mike. Mike moves inside the building to see what’s up. The 4th floor is empty. The sniper is scouting a perch for a boat. Someone will be arriving by boat soon. Sam sees Carla arrive by motorcycle. Mike leaves as she enters. They skedaddle out of there, after Sam told Mike that he planted a tracker on Carla’s bike. They follow her to a hotel, where she indulges in a sun bath while Mike and Sam surveil her from afar from another room. Mike stashes the access card in his place.

Campbell and Fi arrive at Mike’s place. He wants him to talk with Henry. He works for a firm providing private security. Some guy wanted info on a client. Henry got suspicious and didn’t give him any info. Lash killed his best friend and worked him over to get to the rich Venezuela Arroya family files.

He goes to see his mom. She took a loan out on the house so that Nate can start a limo company. Mike isn’t happy.

Mike plans on being a bodyguard for the Arroya family. He has inserted in some info that will make sure that Lesher will pick him. His cover is divorced, alcoholic and has money problems. Lesher approaches Mike in a bar. He tries to recruit him.

Carla is meeting a lot of international business type people. Thanks to Sam’s intel, Mike is able to break into her room. He gets some photos.

Lesher asked Henry to put Mike on Isabella Arroya’s security detail. Mike meets Lesher again. He wants to hire him. Actually, he wants to get info from Mike. Mike tells him that there is extra security and he bugs Lesher’s car. He gets a call from Carla to keep out of her business.

Mike uses his bro as a limo service. He also uses Sam. Fi says that there are problems. Lesher needs to be pressured into action. Lesher pulls a gun on Mike. He wants the girl. Someone is putting the pressure on Isabella’s father’s oil company.

Sam tells Mike that the sniper is back in town. Mike calls Lesher that he’s not going to help him kidnap Isabella anymore. Lesher sends a guy to kill Mike. It doesn’t work out. Lesher phoned Henry. The kidnapping is on. They plan on killing the new bodyguard.

Mike takes out the op and Lesher is in jail. The next day, Lesher is killed in jail. All is well until he gets a phone call from his mom. She says that the cops are arresting Nate. Carla called her. Carla told his mom to stay out of her business.

They continue to surveil Carla. Mike realizes that it’s a setup. Carla wants to use it as a distraction. Mike knows that the kill happen soon. Mike gets on a motorcycle and leaves. Fi is going to give him a distraction so that he can get to the sniper in time. Carla is in pursuit as well.

Sam phones Mike to tell him that the sniper is dead. Someone booby trapped his front door. As Mike is opening his own door, he jumps off the railing. There is an explosion.

* * * * *

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