In Plain Sight S01E12 (USA)

We Are Wolves in Quebec
We Are Wolves in Quebec

In Plain Sight follows a kind of show that has been made very popular on USA. It follows Burn Notice and Psych. It’s half comedy, half drama. Dramedy. The stories follow Mary Shannon, an officer for the US Marshals Witness Protection. Actually, Psych is all comedy, but you get the idea. It kind of reminds me of Saving Grace on TNT.

On July 21st, In Plain Sight was renewed for a second 16 episode season. That pretty good news.

They have to relocate and protect witnesses to federal cases. In this episode, Brandy’s problems come crashing into Mary’s life. There is a case of mistaken identity and the US Marshals are looking for Mary.

Brandy hides the truth from everyone but her family and things don’t end as well as they could have. This is the second part of the season finale. In the end, Mary comes clean to her family about her dad. Also, she sticks with her family to clean up Brandy’s mess. The cops are none the wiser, though she made an enemy of Connor. It was a pretty riveting show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

It’s the season finale of In Plain Sight. For some reason, even though I was waiting for it, I missed this episode. Maybe it was because I was in Hong Kong.

Anyways, it’s Saturday night and I’m on the other side of the world from my wife and dog.

Mary is taking a bath. Stan was Spanky blacklisted from crossing the border. Marshal brings in his file. Connor is questioning one of the tweakers that was arrested in the motel room where they found the dope. Connor says that he wants to protect her. She’ll go into Witsec. She wants some speed. Rachel Miller gets into the program.

Jinx is taking care of Mary. Brandi is there as well. She tells Brandi that she is under investigation for the murder of two FBI agents. The DA is going to go for the death penalty. If Brandi chooses to share anything with her about this case, she will tell this to the FBI.

Rachel says that Brandi had 20 lbs of speed. She identifies her. Stan tells Mary that they are issuing warrants on Brandi. Marshal says that at best it’s the end of Mary’s career. At worst, Mary will be indicted. It’s looking bad, because Brandi was living under the roof of a federal US Marshall while putting together a big dope deal. Stan says that she should find out what Brandi knows and turn her in.

Spanky has been caught. Stan and Marshal question him. Spanky is up shit creek. They can’t offer him a deal. He figures out that Mary is in deep shit. Spanky says that he plans on telling everyone that Brandi was in on it with Mary.

Mary tells Brandi that warrants are being issued for her arrest. She gives her a number to call. Jinx tries to talk with Mary, but she isn’t sympathetic. Jinx wants her to help Brandi. She tells her mom about the blood cloud of Chuck. The blood mist hung in the air for several minutes. It smelled sweet. She can’t get rid of the smell. She killed someone tonight. Mary runs out of the room to get a drink. She starts chugging a bottle.

Spanky killed his father when he was 15. His brother and mother ODed at 15. He joined a motorcycle gang. He beat the gang leader to death with a sock filled with nickels. No one testified. He left the gang 8 years ago and started distributing narcotics. Marshal is looking at Rachel’s case file.

Jinx tells Brandi that she can’t tell the police anything. She can’t trust them. Mary talks with them again. Mary says that she has been playing parent to both of them since she was 10. She never liked it. She makes a list about how much better she is, after being prompted by Jinx. She told Mary that she was her daddy’s favourite when he left them. She made it up. She says that he loved her the same as the rest of the family. Mary has got something to share with them as well. She comes back with a box. They are filled with letters from their dad. She’s received them over the last 20 years. She reads them the letter that he sent Mary the day that he left in 1978. He was a criminal on the run. He asked her to take care of Jinx and Brandi. It took him 10 years to write his next letter. Mary says that she didn’t do anything, he just started writing. The last letter came when she moved into the house. Brandi starts tearing up a letter that mentioned her. Brandi is pissed. Brandi says that he robbed banks.

Marshal tells Stan that Russell isn’t the baby’s father. It’s because of its blood type. They know that it’s Spanky’s kid. Stan and Marshal can offer something to his kid. Spanky agrees.

Raph comes to see Mary. He’s drunk. He rode a bicycle. He wasn’t informed about her ordeal. He tries to explain about what happened between him and Brandi. He wants her to tell Brandi that she is still her sister.

Mary comes to see Brandi. She wants to know everything. Spanky tells all. Mary takes the drugs. As soon as she leaves in her car, the cops pull up with a warrant. Connor wants to search the house. The bag was empty. Connor didn’t get what he wanted. They ruin the house. Raph took the dope and used it on the baseball field for the lines.

* * * * *

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