Prison Break Breaking & Entering S04E02 (Fox)

Prison Break is an American serial drama television series that premiered on the Fox Broadcasting Company on August 29, 2005. The story revolves around a man named Lincoln Burrows who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother Michael Scofield’s elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence.

Created by Paul Scheuring, the show is produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions in association with Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television. The current executive producers are Paul Scheuring, Matt Olmstead, Kevin Hooks, Marty ,Brett Ratner.

The show is currently in its third season. The uniqueness of Prison Break is attributed to its serialized story structure, a similar format used by Lost and 24, and to its setting, as very few television series were primarily set and filmed in a prison. Its success and recognition as a prison drama revived interest in the genre following the success of Oz.

From the Wikipedia entry of Prison Break.

I’m a bit late, but the fourth season of Prison Break just started. Three shows have already been aired. I wondered how I would find these episodes. This episode was also pretty good. Even if you think that they wouldn’t really find a way to continue the narrative, it continues to be riveting. The crew is faced with multiple problems on a lot of different fronts. Will they be able to find a way through them?

In this episode, we learn that Gretchen/Susan is still alive. She’s being held captive by Wyatt, the assassin. They are torturing her for information about the crew. She hasn’t told them anything yet. They also get what they were after. They learn something very disheartening about Scylla.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The General receives a call from the hitman Wyatt. He tells Pad Man that Scofield and Burrows are in a maximum federal penitentiary.

The DHS guy Don Self asks the crew to put on GPS ankle monitors. Roland Glen is going to assist the team. Self says that Glen is also working under incentive. Mahone saw that their first bet is to try to find the driver of the card holder. He gives an accurate description of the man.

In the South Dakota desert, TBag and his pal are trying to get out of it. They are heading to San Diego. Sarah looks emotionally scarred from the torture that Gretchen/Susan inflicted upon her. Glen is some kind of hacker/identity thief. Thanks to the DHS files and resources, they find the driver.

They follow the driver to some kind of a private fortress. It’s covered with armed guards and private security. The owner of the mansion is called Stuart Tuxhorn and the CEO of Spectrolium. Glen says to get into the mansion, that they don’t steal the car, they copy it. He’s got some kind of gizmo. It steals info through WiFi networks. I don’t know, sounds implausible to me. They also have to decrypt the date off Scylla.

Pad Man meets with Tuxhorn. He says that 10000 people is acceptable. Pad Man says that now that he’s on board, they can issue the op order today. Glen says that they need at least two minutes. Sucre and Bellick stage an accident. Tuxhorn informs his driver to pay Sucre so that he leaves. The device doesn’t pick up anything.

Self goes to see one of his old contacts Jasper. He wants to know about Scylla. He used to work for the Company. Self wants to know about the decoder box that they need to decrypt Scylla.

The fat latino wants to eat TBag, but he’s too slow. TBag has to eat Sancho to survive.

Sarah tells Mike that the passage from his father’s note is from Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus has to confront a monster named Scylla. Odysseus is told that in order to pass Scylla, he’ll have to sacrifice six of his men. He chooses to make the sacrifice. Mike wants to use the housekeeper to get into the mansion.

In Chicago, the hitman is questioning a girl. She’s the roommate of Claudia. She works for the Department of Corrections. He wants to know where Scofield and Burrows have been transferred.

Two guys on quads come up on TBag. They ask him if he ate any bad Mexican. TBag almost chokes and says that it’s something like that. Sarah makes contact with the maid. She inspects the bag. Scofield phones the maid. Sarah dumped the device in the maid’s bag. Scofield poses as someone from the alarm company and has the maid inspect the windows. They get a signal from the library. The memory dump has started.

Bellick swipes the bag, but the device isn’t in there anymore. The hitman doesn’t find Scofield and the others. He finds out that Bruce Bennett posted Linc’s and Scofield’s bail.

The device is in the house. Mike says that they have to go in to get the device. Self isn’t offering any extra help. Mike thinks that they have to trip the alarm as a distraction in order to get in to get the device. They set their plan in action. Sucre and Linc operate as decoys. Mike and Mahone get into position to get into the house. Tuxhorn is woken up. They tripped the alarm of the house across the street. Tuxhorn punched in the code to deactivate the alarm. They are able to get inside. Mike finds the device. They just make it out in time.

The hitman is waiting for Bennett. He injects something in Bruce’s neck. Tbag arrives in San Diego. He finds that Whistler has been killed. He goes to the lock box. He’s got the combination from the bird book. He finds a new identity for Whistler from the Gate Corporation. He gets on a bus for LA.

Glen says that they only got a slice of Scylla. He says that it’s only a part of six other cards. They figure this out thanks to the Odysseus reference.

Hitman has got Gretchen/Susan in custody. She isn’t dead. She’s receiving three tablespoons of water and one of honey each day.

Mike is bleeding from his nose.

* * * * *

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