True Blood S01E03 (HBO)

We Are Wolves in Quebec
We Are Wolves in Quebec

This series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris. It tells the story of how humans and vampires co-exist in a small southern town. Personally, I’ve never read the books, so I don’t know how accurate the adaptation is. However, it is quite interesting. It’s a good twist on the mythos.

There are loads of vampire shows out there. Most recently, Moonlight was canceled from CBS. Some of them are successful, others aren’t. The pilot was interesting. I’ve never seen a show explore the relationship between vampires and humans.

The series is adapted by Alan Ball. He also produced it. Alan Ball is the man behind Six Feet Under. The setting is interesting as well. Thanks to HBO, the show does have some mature content. It makes the whole thing more interesting.

I don’t really know what to say of Anna Paquin’s acting. It seems to me that she played a southern belle already in X-Men as Rogue. She does do the same thing in this show. It’s hard to see the difference. As with her role as Rogue, Sookie has never been in love or had men in her life. It’s funny how you can draw parallels between Paquin’s different characters.

New Orleans and Louisiana are a hotbed for vampire fiction. Lestat of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice makes the city his home.

I was completely blown away by the second episode. It ends in such a cliffhanger. The third episode partly resolves this, but it was still really good. The sex scenes between Jason and his lovers are also quite interesting. The show is infused with an animalistic fervor which is appealing. I recommend this show. Along with Fringe, this is one of my favorite new shows on TV this season. The show has gotten a lot of great reviews and only ten days after it premiered, HBO ordered another season. It’s one of the few shows who’s audience share actually climbed for the second episode.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

When Sookie is confronted with other vampires, she is scared of Bill and doesn’t want to see him anymore. Sookie is shown how vampire life changes vampires. They learn of Sookie’s talents and are curious. We get to see more of their hierarchy. Malcom is older and stronger. They have other sires that are involved in the politics of being a vampire. This is one thing that Moonlight and other vampire shows didn’t do well. They didn’t delve deep enough into vampire politics. Tara sleeps with her boss Sam. Someone else in Monroe is killed and she’s also connected to Jason.

* * * * *

The vampires were trying to glamour Sookie. They are surprised when it doesn’t work. Sookie hears a voice from inside inviting her in. The female vamp says that she screwed Bill. Two blood dolls are on the sofas. They are about to drink from Sookie when Bill intervenes. Bill is about to drink from Jerry, the blood doll, when Sookie reads his mind. He’s got hep B. She warns Bill. Jerry pounces on Sookie and tries to strangle her. She continues to read his mind. It’s got something to do with Marcus.

The three vamps get ready to leave for Monroe. Diane wants to know how she knew about Jerry. They all leave. Hep D is the only blood borne pathogen that affects vampires. If they get it, they’d be sick for a month. A vampire is susceptible to being captured and staked during that time.

Malcolm is quite older than Bill and stronger. Diane was made a vampire in the 1930s. They share a nest. When vampires do that, they become crueler and more vicious. Vampires such as himself, who live alone, are much more likely to keep some semblance of humanity. Bill wants to kiss her goodnight, but Sookie can’t bear it. She leaves.

Tara wants to drink a beer at Sam’s. She asks if Sookie is getting serious about the vamp. Tara says that he’s got no one to blame but himself. Tara says that Sookie has always been peculiar around men. He asks her about Jason. She’s comfortable with Jason being how he is, unattainable. Sam says that Sookie can’t hear Bill’s thoughts. Tara says that Sam doesn’t stand a chance. Tara says that she can’t go home.

Dawn comes home and finds Jason gone. He pretends that he’s a vampire. He tells her that he drained the boy who was tied up. She hits him a few times. They get busy in bed once again.

Bill surprises Sookie at her front porch. She wants to know why she can’t hear his thoughts. Bill says that he is dead. He no longer has a heartbeat or brain waves. Bill says that they are all kept alive by magic. Sookie says that they should stop seeing each other. She’s almost been killed twice in two days. Bill says that she will never find a human man with whom she can be herself.

Sam asks Tara why she can’t go home. Tara says that her mother is a drunk. She asks him if he is lonely. Tara is trying to make Sam feeling better about himself. They talk about sex. They both haven’t had any recently. She tells him that maybe they should sleep together. It would be a one time thing. It doesn’t take much to convince Sam. They get busy. Meanwhile, Dawn and Jason are having more animal sex. He sees the vamp and stops pounding her. He doesn’t like her having sex with that vampire. She didn’t have sex with the crazy vamp. She says that it was the best sex that she’s ever had. She comes back with a gun. She wants him gone. He says that he isn’t going anywhere. She fires the gun at the floor.

Sookie is masturbating to a fantasy. She imagines that she goes to see Bill in her nightie. She hasn’t had sex before and she thinks that he’s the one. They should just get it over with.

Tara notices that Sam is making strange snoring sounds. Jason comes home. He switches on the TV and can’t find one program that’s not about vampires.

At the nest, Malcolm is commiserating the loss of Jerry. Bill drops by. He warns them to stay away from him and Sookie. Malcolm is his elder, he can do what he wants. Bill says that there are higher authorities. Malcolm isn’t afraid of Eric. Higher than Eric. Malcolm says that she can come talk to him. They killed the other blood bag as well. Bill says that if they continue flaunting their ways in front of mortals, there will be consequences.

Sam wakes up and finds Tara gone. She comes home. Her mother slams a book on her head. She can’t even stand up and Tara tells her as much. She calls her an ugly old bitch. When Tara tries to help her up, her mother slams a bottle on her head. Tara makes the decision to leave. Wise choice.

Sookie is mowing the lawn. She tells her Gran that she’s been up for a while. She’s been mowing the lawn for hours. Her Gran wants her to eat. A dog was observing. Tara goes to see her cousin Lafayette. Her cousin is turning gay tricks. He gives her a few Vicodin and they smoke some pot. Tara says that Sam barks in his sleep. Maybe he’s turning into the dog that’s been watching Sookie. Nope, the dog is just Sam’s. Sam wants Buffy or Blade to come to town to kill the vampires.

Martherville is getting a Starbucks. Sookie asks her Gran if she should continue seeing Bill. Gran says that she can’t tell her that. Sookie is scared because she doesn’t know what he is thinking. Gran says that Sookie’s Grandfather used to know things. She thinks that there is a purpose for all things.

Jason goes to see Lafayette. He wants some Viagra. Lafayette doesn’t have any, but he’s got vamp blood. It’s $600 a quarter of an ounce. He makes Jason dance for his website. He puts on a mask. Tara sees this. It’s funny.

Sookie walks over to see Bill. He isn’t there. She kind of lies down on his front porch and almost starts to wank off. Sam gives her a call. He wants her to go and wake up Dawn. She’s overslept and didn’t turn up for work. Sookie arrives and the alarm is still blaring. Dawn’s dead. Or maybe she isn’t. I could see the actress breathing on a close-up shot. Her eyes were wide open. I guess her playing dead wasn’t that good.

* * * * *

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