The Amazing Race Bees Are Much Calmer Than All This! S13E01 (CBS)

The race is starting from LA. They are driving to the LA Coliseum in classic cars. Tony and Dallas are mother and son from Northern California. Nick and Starr are siblings. Ken and Tina are separated husband and wife. They will decide after the race to see if they will continue together. He cheated on her. Aja and Ty are dating long distance. Marisa and Brooke are southern blonde belles. Andrew and Dan are fraternity bros from Phoenix, Arizona. Anthony and Stephanie have been dating for four years. They are from LA. Anita and Arthur are married old beekeepers. Kelly and Christy are recently divorced friends. Terrence and Sarah are newly dating from NYC. Mark and Bill are best from bets friends and geeks from San Diego.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The race has eleven legs. Eight of the pit stops are elimination points. They are given the first clue. I like the running coach, Terrence. He looks mean and lean. They are going to Salvador, Brazil. They can only travel on two airlines. Terence and Sarah are second. The siblings Nick and Starr are first.

Most of the racers are heading to the AA flight that arrives first. Tina looks terrible. Way too much plastic surgery. She looks plastic. Terrible, terrible thing to do. Terrence and Sarah are heading another way. It delays them. They drop into the end of the pack. Ken and Tina pass the other teams and move into first place. Aja and Ty pass them thanks to the carpool lane. Ick and Starr go the wrong way. Andrew and Dan follow them. Aja and Ty get there first. Mark and Bill are close by. Kelly and Christy arrive followed by Ken and Tina. The teams find the flag. Mark and Bill are first in line at the AA counter with the flag. The other teams arrive. Ken and Tina arrive second. Terrence and Sarah arrive after them. Nick and Starr run to the counter when they hear that something is wrong. They are fourth. Andrew starts going on about how the plane might be delayed in Miami. He’s acting like an idiot. Nick and Starr think that he’s an idiot.

Nick and Starr are on the AA flight. Aja and Ty make it onto this flight as well. Some of the other teams head to the other counter. Kelly and Christy make it onto the AA flight. Andrew and Dan don’t make it onto the flight. Nick and Starr try to befriend Tina and Ken.

The United flight has got Toni and Dallas, Andrew and Dan, Anita and Arthur, Marisa and Brooke, and Anthony and Stephanie. When teams arrive, they must find their next clue at a sandwich shop by taxi.

The AA flight is delayed, but they still arrive first. Mark and Bill are first. Kelly and Christy are second. Terrence and Sarah are 3rd. Ken and Tina are 4th. Nick and Starr are 5th. Aja and Ty are sixth. The teams have to become a barista. They will deliver their carts to Indio, who will hand them their next clue. The carts are very thin and have strange wheel that they need to push. Terrence and Sarah are second. Nick and Starr are 3rd. Ken and Tina are 4th. Sarah speaks Portuguese. Mark and Bill arrive at the funicular. Terrence and Sarah catch up with them. Terrence and Sarah are first. They have to travel by taxi to a military base, where they’ll spend the night in a cam. There are three departure times, depending on the time of their arrival. Terrence and Sarah arrive first and get to depart at 9AM. Mark and Bill hit traffic. Nick and Starr are 2nd. They depart at 9AM. Mark and Bill are 3rd. They depart at 9AM as well. Christy and Kelly are lost.

The other teams arrive. Kelly and Christy are 6th. Andrew and Dan are 7th. Ken and Tina arrive 4th and are leaving on the first departure. Aja and Ty arrive 5th and leave at 9:30AM. Anita/Arthur, Toni/Dallas, Anthony/Stephanie, and Marisa/Brooke bring up the rear. Andrew and Dan are the last on the 9:30AM departure.

Starr likes Dallas, he’s the hottest guy on the race. Terrence is frustrated that Sarah isn’t paying him any attention. Oh, boo-hoo!

The next morning, teams must head to Pelourinho. Terrence/Sarah manage to get into a taxi first. Nick and Starr are 3rd. Mark and Bill arrive and get into 2nd. Terrence tells Sarah that it isn’t a popularity contest. It’s a race. She wants people to like her. She tried to talk with Nick/Starr. They ignored her.

Terrence and Sarah have got a bad relationship. They went stay together for long. It’s a detour. In hard way up, teams make their way to a stairway. They have to crawl up a flight of stairs. They will be asked a mystery question. If they answer right, they get the clue. If they don’t, they have to climb down the long way and start over again. In soft way down, teams make their way to an elevator. They must climb down a precarious cargo net. Only three teams can be on the net at the same time. Nick and Starr head that way as well. Terrence/Sarah take the wrong way up to the elevator. Nick/Starr pass them. Ken/Tina do so as well. Nick/Starr start their descent. Mark/Bill arrive. Tina is very aggressive with Ken. Terrence/Sarah are in 4th place.

Nick/Starr are first. They make their way to the pitt stop, Forte Sao Marcelo. It defended the city from pirates. The last team to check-in will be eliminated.

Nick and Starr are 1st. They’ve won a trip to Belize. Terrence is being an ass. Ken/Tina are 2nd. Terrence/Sarah are 3rd. Andrew and Baron head over to the staircase for some reason. Mark/Bill finish 4th. Andrew/Dan don’t count the stairs and have to do it all over again. Kelly/Christy finish 5th. Toni/Dallas finish 6th. The second time around is good for Andrew/Dan.

Andrew/Dan finish 7th. Aja/Ty are 8th. Anthony/Stephanie 9th. Marisa/Brooke finish 10th. Anita and Arthur are eliminated. Big surprise.

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