7.8 KM

So, it’s autumn here.

It’s between 10-12C and rainy. Today was a rainy day, the most rainy since I’ve come back. I decided to take two days off running. Circumstances prevented me from running with Philippe yesterday. It was rainy and I didn’t go running. I felt bad, especially after seeing a few runners on the way home.

I tried getting up this morning to run, but it’s still a work in progress. I didn’t get up. I’ve been running left and right to find internet connections, since we are changing service providers. Hopefully that situation will be resolved in a few days.

The run.

Well, my left knee was hurting a bit. The left underside of my foot was also hurting. It didn’t stop me from running. The hardest part was actually getting out the door. Once that is done, there is no way around running. I started walking a bit to warm up. Seconds later, I started running while I adjusted by Arc’Teryx Alpha LT. Even though it’s no longer fitted, since it’s an XL and I think that I could wear a S for running, it did the job.

I was wearing shorts, long socks, a thin baselayer, a mid-layer (which I could have left home) and a long-sleeved outer-layer. Once you get warmed up, the layers don’t really matter. I guess that I could wear the same outfit for running in temps as low as 5C.

I plan on getting some really long socks. Supposedly it’s good to run long distances in long socks. I want socks that will stay up, not roll down my legs. The run felt good.

I completed 7.8 km in 42:31, about 40 seconds faster than before. I took the same route as last Saturday. It was pitch dark and I didn’t feel like exploring. I accelerated around the oval, enough to feel a slight cramp in my belly after I left it. It made me slow down a bit.

The way back was uneventfull. I kept tabs on my time, and accelerated as much as I could. My plan was to beat my previous time of 43:13. I didn’t know by how much, but I was running at full speed on the last few hundred meters.

When I arrived home, I talked with my roommate and took a shower afterwards. I used a contrast shower on my legs. I alternated between hot and cold, as much as I could stand. It felt really good.

It’s strange to notice how much less energy I have when I don’t run. It’s also extremely easy to stop running. It’s hard to stay motivated with bad weather and colder temperatures. The trick is to leave the house. Even when I don’t run, I speed walk everywhere. Once I get a Garmin Forerunner 405, I want to see how much I actually walk.

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