Survivor Gabon She Obviously Is Post-Op S17E02 (CBS)

The former athlete Crystal didn’t impress me during the last show. Fang was beaten in all challenges by Kota. Fang made a unanimous decision the last time. They got rid of Gillian, the weakest player on their team. Randy thinks that his tribe is completely idiotic. Fang is already running out of rice already. This is because the tribe wanted 3 meals a day. Randy thinks that GC is the problem. He’s the cancer.

GC and Randy argue. GC sees Randy as a threat to his no-leadership. Randy doesn’t give a shit. Kota keeps getting more fish. Paloma tells blondie that she doesn’t like Ace. Sugar notices them conniving and mentions it to Ace. For some reason, Sugar trusts Ace. They’re pretty close.

For today’s luxury challenge, two members of opposing tribe will latch themselves onto a post. Members from the opposing tribe will drag them until they reach a line. First tribe to score two points wins comfort. They get bedding, hammocks and stuff like that to make life at camp easier.

Fang sits out Ken. Corinne, Jackie and Kelly sit out from Kota. This had to do because of the number of women/men. Dan is first on the pole. Ace is an ass. He pretend yawns to show that he doesn’t care about the challenge. Ace isn’t budging. Dan is already being moved towards the line. GC is really weak. He gives up. Kota scores the first point. Paloma is pulled off by Randy and Crystal pretty easily. Sugar and Bob didn’t move Susie.

It’s Ace and Dan again on the pole. Bob and Marcus have Dan partially off the post. Crystal and Matty have Ace off the post. They try dragging them. Ace tries to get away. They are fighting in the sand. Dan is screaming. Fang wins reward thanks to Crystal and Matty. Fang sends Sugar to Exile Island.

Fang did well. They are happy. Ace tries to say that they did a strategic withdrawal. Paloma found it strange that Ace put her in. Ace says that he wanted to put her in so that they don’t have to use her in the immunity challenge. The rest of the tribe discuss Paloma and they think that she should leave, if they lose the immunity challenge.

Sugar has to choose between comfort and the clue. She chooses the clue. Sugar has to go through the jungle. She isn’t the outdoorsy type. She went into Survivor to help her get over the death of her father, who passed away 7 months ago. Sugar finds the next clue in the sandy crater. She finds the following clue easily. She actually finds the idol. She finds it funny that she found it and the lawyer didn’t.

Bob talks with Ace. He thinks that Paloma and Sugar at the bottom at the pole. He doesn’t know which should go first. Bob thinks that Ace is putting himself at risk by protecting Sugar. Bob talks with Corinne about Ace. She says that she’s got the majority with her alliance. So if he votes their way, they can decide what happens.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. Sugar comes back all teary-eyed. One at a time, each tribemember will launch down a slippery slope to retrieve some tiles. They will then have to solve a math problem. Bob and Ken will solve the puzzle. Fang is in the lead thanks to Crystal. Corinne makes up a lot of time on Susie. Fang loses their lead. Kota starts to solve their problem first. Ken finds his combination first and beats Bob easily.

Sugar pretends that she didn’t find the idol. She tells Ace. Ace plans on using it for their “team”. He’s pretty sure that Paloma is going. He talks it over with his alliance.

Paloma talks with Corinne. She wants to get rid of Ace. Corinne can’t stand Ace. She talks with Eric. They think that Ace is the biggest threat.

It’s time for tribal council. They talk a lot about Ace. Kelly thinks that Ace is condescending. Paloma points out that Ace didn’t bring his bag to tribal. Marcus has an immunity necklace. Paloma gets voted out by a vote of 5-2. Jeff didn’t read out the other votes.

* * * * *

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