The Amazing Race Do You Like American Candy S13E02 (CBS)

Stars on the ceiling

The beekeepers are eliminated, who will go out next? The teams start out in Brazil. Sarah and Terence argued at the pit stop about his jealous and egotistical behavior.

Teams must leave for Fortaleza, Brazil. They must make their way via taxi to the small village of Cumbuko. Nick and Starr leave at 4:07AM. Ken and Tina are close behind.

Terrence gets what he deserves. He gets hit in the head by the trunk door. He’s a little pussy. Mark and Bill are next out. They think that they’ve got an advantage since they aren’t in a familial relationship together. The plane only leaves at 11:30AM. There is a 6:45AM flight but it’s oversold. There is only one free seat. They get on the waiting list.

Ken and Tina make it onto the plane because they changed to a plane with more seats. Terence and Sarah don’t like how Nick and Starr have an alliance with Ken/Tina. Mark/Bill arrive. Andrew/Dan aren’t happy to be in the bottom half.

For some reason, Ken/Tina think that they don’t have to wait in line for their flight. Mark/Bill and Terrence/Sarah are waiting in line. Kelly and Christy don’t like Tina. Tina is happy to tell everyone that they changed planes because of her insistence. Most of the teams think that it’s complete BS. Marisa and Brooke give out candy as bribes.

Ken/Tina muscle themselves to the front of the line. Terence tells her that it’s BS. They have a little confrontation. Terence apologizes and Ken gives him a kiss. All teams leave on the same flight. Terence and Sarah make it to first place and leave first. Anthony/Stephanie are pushing a taxi. It’s a bonehead manoeuvre. Ken/Tina are in 9th place. Anthony/Steph are last.

Teams must knows choose a dunebuggy to drive to a hotel for their next clue. Kelly/Christy are 2nd. Toni/Dallas are 3rd. Andrew/Dan and Aja/Ty are in last place.

It’s time for a Detour. In Beach It, they must use local methods to drag a boat across 100 yards of sand. In Dock It, they must search for a hidden container in the port. They must scour a DB for a specific number. The task is not physical, but teams without an eye for detail will fail. The first three teams choose to Beach It. Mark/Bill do Dock It. Marisa/Brooke do it as well. Nick/Star go the wrong way. Marisa/      Brooke follow them. Marisa/Brooke arrive at the wrong beach. Mark/Bill find the container quickly. They are total geeks. They quote Yoda. Christy/Kelli don’t like it how Terence yells at Sarah. It reminds them of their ex-husbands.

Terence/Sarah finish first. They must take a taxi to their next clue. Nick/Starr move into 2nd place. They smartly follow the arrows. Meanwhile, Terence/Sarah run into the wilderness. Kelli/Christy are dumb. They mess up the two detours. They think that they need a container. Mark/Bill find their clue. They are in first place. Kelli/Christy start digging in the sand.

Ken/Tina and Toni/Dallas find the taxis move into the next places. Terence/Sarah see the taxis go by them. The teams don’t stop for them. Toni/Dallas stop for them. They have to run back. Kelli/Christy stop digging for containers in the dirt and go to the taxis. They finally realize that they were being dumb. Terence and Sarah are still jogging back to the taxis. Terence/Sarah are in 9th place. Anthony/Steph are in last place.

The teams face a Roadblock. They have to search for a clue hidden inplain sight. To find it, they must supply the name to a painter. He’ll give them their clue. Nick/Starr are lost. Mark writes down all of the locations and tells them to the painter. He uses brute force to solve this riddle. They are 1st. Tina copies what they did. Tina finds it quickly.

The teams head to the next pit stop. Ken/Tina are right next to them. Kelli/Christy let their taxi go. Mark/Bill realize that they will have to run. They start running quickly and don’t manage to beat Nick/Tina. They win an offroad vehicle. Mark/Bill are team #2.

All of the teams are at the roadblock. Kelly/Christy get the clue but they think that their cab just left. Aja/Ty follow quickly. Terence/Sarah and Toni/Dallas are leaving quickly. Nick doesn’t know what to do. It’s not Spanish, you dweebs, it’s Portuguese. Terence and Sarah run into 3rd place. Toni/Dallas are 4th. Aja/Ty finish 5th. Nick/Starr finally find the right combination. They finish 6th. Kelly/Christi realize that their taxi was waiting there all along, They finish 7th. Andrew/Dan are in 8th place. Booke/Marisa are in 9th place. Anthony/Steph are in last place. They have been eliminated.

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