Chuck Versus The Seduction S02E02 (NBC)

Chuck is an American science-fiction television program created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The series is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend Bryce Larkin, a rogue CIA agent, which happens to embed the world’s greatest spy secrets into his brain. This is called the intersect.

From the Wikipedia entry on Chuck.

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

While Chuck has to deal with his new situation, he gets to enjoy the company of Sarah, working for the CIA, and Casey, working for the DOD. They use him as an asset to accomplish their missions, which surprisingly happen around town (?).

Chuck has just started its second season and it’s still entertaining. The mix between an everyday guy and espionage doesn’t get boring, since the character of Chuck actually puts us in these situations as well. I recommend it, though it’s not for everybody.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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This was another good episode. Chuck is stuck at the Buy More for the foreseeable future. Life gets turned upside down when Agent Rowan Montgomery, played by John Laroquette, is asked to school Chuck in the art of seduction. Sarah admits that she’s already smitten with Chuck. The episode ends with a surprise.

* * * * *

Chuck isn’t happy that he is still the Intersect. Casey isn’t saying that if the new Intersect would have come online, he would have had to kill Chuck.

The new assistant manager Lester is laying down the law. Chuck is blown away by Sarah’s hotness. She gives him a kiss and shows him the new digs that are in the freezer of the yogurt shop.

The General says that the real cipher is still out there. They think that Sasha Benecheck has it. Agent Montgomery has some info on her, but he’s off the grid. Chuck walks away. Sarah is able to get him back. Agent Montgomery is played by John Laroquette. He lives in Palm Springs and has a lot of lady friends. They find him drunk in his place. He slept with a hot stewardess.

Montgomery gets cleaned up, much to Casey’s surprise. He says that the only way to get Sasha is to seduce her. He thinks that someone she won’t suspect would be perfect. Sarah and Casey think of Chuck.

Montgomery is going to teach Chuck everything he knows. Devon comes to the Buy More to ask Chuck to leave for the evening. Morgan tells him that he doesn’t know Eleanor. He’s been studying her for 19 years.

Sarah and Chuck are being taught lessons by Montgomery. They have to kiss passionately to satisfy him. Sarah immediately excuses herself to freshen up. Montgomery says that Sasha kills all of her mates, Chuck needs some protection.

Big Mike wants to see Lester. The Buy More employees don’t fear him. Meanwhile, Chuck is getting ready to seduce Sasha. Casey is the bartender. It’s a fiasco. She walks away after he tries to buy her a drink. Chuck doesn’t know that Sasha has got protection with her as well in the form of a few goons. He doesn’t do too badly thanks to Sarah and Montgomery.

Devon tries to use Morgan’s tips. It’s also a fiasco and Elle didn’t appreciate Devon consulting Morgan. Montgomery short circuits some of the equipment in the op van with his drink and Chuck is stuck without their help. He just had a few moments. Sarah says in the mic that Chuck is just an asset.

Chuck decides to save the op by himself. He uses Montgomery’s last technique, being a bastard. She invites him up to her room to have sex. Chuck freaks out when he flashes on a knife. He spots the cipher when Sasha comes close. It’s a trap. Sarah and Casey are taken hostage. Chuck is able to get the cipher and get off the balcony. They are in trouble. Sasha tries to parley with Chuck.

Lester has got a wheel of misfortune and gets fired. Anna, Jeff and all of the others walk out. They leave Lester by himself.

Chuck asks Montgomery for help. Chuck says that Sarah is worth dying for. Montgomery isn’t willing to help. Chuck goes to the Buy More and Lester tells him that the staff just walked off. Anna makes Lester spin the wheel. The next day, Chuck and Montgomery come up with a plan.

They deliver a cell phone to Sasha and give her a new meeting point, the Buy More. Chuck is trapped after being chased by a goon. Rowan has to pull a gun on Sasha. It kind of works, but Sasha has got Sarah hostage. Rowan tells Chuck to jump off the roof by tying a banner on him. It works well. He takes out Sasha.

While the make their report to the General, Chuck asks for something. Help for Devon. Sarah is impressed with Chuck. Chuck goes to see Sarah with romantic intentions and finds Bryce there.

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