Life Find Your Happy Place S02E01 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

In this episode, part of the conspiracy is revealed to everyone. Charlie has to decide what to do with it.

The urge to kill the ones responsible is very strong in Charlie, after what they made him live through. Jack Reese is most definitely involved. He is as crooked as they come, but he is too fast for Crews to catch. On top of that, he has had time to plan contingencies if this would ever happen.

Crews finds the killer who did the Siebel killings. He finds out more than he bargained. Meanwhile, his ex-partner Starks and his new partner Reese are chasing for a giant boa constrictor in a grow-up.

I thought this was an excellent way to end the mid season. Since NBC has ordered a full season of Life, I expect that we will learn more about Reese and all of the strange dealings he had with the Bank of LA robbery. I wasn’t sure if Crews was going to kill Hollis. It seemed like he was getting ready to do so. But in the end, he managed to cool down. He did get into hot water at Hollis’ house. He had to escape because Rachel Siebolt accused him of having shot her. In the end, she disappeared, so there is no way that he can be charged.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Bodies are found scattered all over the city stuffed into trunks. The detectives slowly find their way to the culprit. Crews has to deal with a new commanding officer, who keeps making passes at Reese. Another excellent episode from this unique police procedural drama.

* * * * *

Crews is on the subway. His partner is waiting for him to go to the next murder scene. A stripper is found in a trunk. They find the number one painted at the bottom of the trunk when her body is removed. Another trunk is found on a highway. A man is in this one. He’s #2. The next one is found on top of a building. That’s three boxes in a day, within a few minutes. This one has a young woman in it. She’s #3. Her name is Lisa Robards.

They ask a guy named John Armstrong. He’s a young guy working in a box store. He’s Lisa Robards’ employee. They go see Mrs. Pryce next. Her mascara is running. She’s Glen’s wife. They were both partners in an investment bank.

Kyle Hollis murdered the Siebolt family. He’s being interviewed for Charlie’s documentary.

A man from a trunk company comes to see the detectives. He bought ten trunks. The girl wasn’t a stripper but a go-go girl. They find a girl in a clear plastic box. Brandi is her name. She used to go into the clear box. Brandi was from Vancouver. The girls at the club tell Crews that Brandi just got a role in a movie.

The new boss wants to see the detectives. The victims suffocated over the course of several hours. Crews has an idea. Two of the victims met at a park. They don’t know if Brandi Huggins went there, since she didn’t have a car. They see an ice cream vendor. He’s acting strange. There is a guy with a gun on the floor of the van. Crews has seen him already. He tells him that he will shoot the guy on the count of three. He shoots him before the count of 3. He’s still alive and they were dealing crack. They both had alibis for the murders. They came out of county hours ago.

The new boss is hitting on Reese. Crews has trouble with an automatic faucet. A kid helps him out. His mother is friendly. She knows that he’s a cop. She comes often to the park. She says that she saw Glen at the park. He was having his picture taken by Robards. She doesn’t remember Brandi. Pryce has gone missing. She’s been seen going into her office. They hear strange sounds from her room. She’s indulging in a little sado-masochism with her assistant. They were dissolving their marriage. He was taking a job in London. It was a step up. She wonders if Glen went looking for something to make her happy.

Constance Griffiths is asked about Rachel Siebolt. She’s got nothing to say about her.

Ted says that he’s spent $700,000 trying to find Rachel. She was seen at a youth hostel. Meanwhile the killer is dropping off his next trunk. Kurt Ruiz was found at the airport. He grew up in Eagle Rock. Crews says the victims were about to be happy. They don’t know about Lisa. They go see John again. John is acting strange. He gives them a look when they leave. Crews knows that something is up. They have him watched. They find the invites to the victim’s parties. They were all done by Unending Notes. Bobby is watching the kid.

They get a warrant to search Armstrong’s place. John’s room is decorated strangely. There is a loop of Brandi Huggins repeating her line. He’s got the invites for five events. They find the decals he used to pain the numbers. They go back to the store. John tried to commit suicide by plastic bag in the store. There is a box missing. Jeannie the bride is missing.

John tells them in the interrogation that what he did to those people makes him smile. He gives them an ugly beatific smile. John says something to his mom. It’s all a bit smile. It’s enough for Crews to make the leap. It leads them to the waterfront. The girl is still alive.

Crews goes to see Kyle in prison. He thinks that Hollis is afraid. He doesn’t want Crews to find her. He wants to protect Rachel. Crews finds Rachel hidden in a secret room in the hostel. Crews takes her away.

* * * * *

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