Survivor Gabon It Was Like Christmas Morning S17E03 (CBS)

Paloma was evicted on the Kota tribe. She was voted off almost unanimously. Only Kelly voted for Ace. Ace didn’t like tribal. It was as unpleasant experience. Ace wants to get rid of Kelly since she voted for him. At Fang, Randy wants them to eat one meal a day. There isn’t enough rice left. Randy and his buddies go to pick some fruit. Dan, Matty, Susie and Randy talk strategy. Randy wants to get rid of GC, he’s bad news. GC and Crystal are aware that they are talking strategy, but they can’t really do anything against this.

It’s time for the next challenge. Today the tribes will rank their members accordance to importance. They will mix the tribes up, that’s a certain fact. The tribes spend a few minutes answering some questions. They rank their members. Marcus was ranked #1 in the Kota. Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacky, Corinne, Sugar, and Kelly follow in the rankings. Ace thinks that Kelly is devastated. He doesn’t like her, he calls her a whiny little cow. On the Fang tribe, #1 is Matty, followed by Dan, Randy, Crystal, Kenny, GC and Susie.

The survivors are told to drop their buffs, it’s time to change tribes. Marcus and Matty are captains on their respective tribes. Marcus picks Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie, and Bob. Matty picks Ace, Crystal, Jacky, Kenny, Kelly, and GC. Charlie has got a bromance going on with Marcus. One after the other, the tribemembers pick their next members.

Sugar is left alone. She will go to Exile Island. She will rejoin the tribes after the next tribal council. She will join the tribe which will have lost a member.

The new Kota tribe has three old Fang members in their tribe. Randy knows that if they go into tribal, they will choose one of the old Fang members to go.

Sugar chooses comfort since she has the idol. She’s got some fruits to munch on and a hammock to lie in. It’s like a little holiday for her.

At Fang, Ace makes himself immediately useful. Kelly, Jacquie and Kenny are talking. Crystal hears that Kelly felt like an outcast. Crystal tells Ken that Kelly doesn’t like Ace or Jacquie. Kelly is talking with the old Fang. Kelly says that Ace sleeps with Jacquie and Sugar. Kelly says that she wants to get rid of Ace. They all agree with her. Kenny is happy that she’s sticking with them. He said twice that she was hot.

The next day, the tribes get tree mail. They get a lacrosse stick and a ball. Marcus is concerned with who to evict when they get to tribal. He’s hesitating between Randy and Susie. Susie does more in camp, so if he judges on that, Randy would go. It all depends upon their performance in the immunity challenge. This means that if Randy does a poor performance and that Kota loses, he would get evicted.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The game is a cross between waterpolo and lacrosse. The tribes will be in small boats with paddles. It takes three points to win. Jacquie is first at the ball, but loses it. Marcus takes it. Randy scores. That was good. The next round, Marcus is first at the ball. Marcus passes again to Randy and he scores again. They’ve got it down to a technique. Crystal is whining as usual. Marcus loses the ball to ace in the next round. Kelly isn’t doing anything. Marcus passes the ball to Randy once again, but he is too short. Randy scores again. Kota wins immunity easily.

Sugar will join Fang and Ace after her return from Exile. Either Kelly or Ace will be a goner. At Fang, Ace thinks that they lost badly. GC is very vocal at camp. GC tells Kenny that he sucks. Matty says that Jacquie was pretty good. Jacquie says that it was hard to play defence. GC thinks that based on their performance, Kelly will be a goner. GC talks with Crystal and Kenny. They hesitate, because of strategy and that Sugar might have the immunity idol. They tell Matty that they need to get rid of one of the Ace pack. Crystal says that Ace, Sugar and Jacquie are the threats. Matty tells Jacquie what is going on. She talks with Kenny. Ken likes how genuine Jacquie is. His mind is not made up. He says that he doesn’t have any power. He tells her that she needs to talk with Crystal.

She does so. Jacquie says that she didn’t have an alliance with Ace. Crystal can ask her to vote for Ace, which would settle matters.

It’s time for tribal. The obvious goal is to keep the tribe strong. Matty says that he wants Ace on his side, he’s a powerful contributor to the tribe. Kelly points out that Crystal and Kenny were weaker than her. She gets on Crystal’s nerves. Ace and Jacquie vote for Kelly, she votes for Jacquie. Jacquie is voted out. This means that Fang will most probably head back to tribal next week.

* * * * *

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