Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Allison from Palmdale S02E04 (Fox)

The Sarah Connor character was made popular in the Terminator series of movies, with the second one being the most memorable by far. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton made this a great movie to watch when I was a teenager back in 1991. This was also the first time that we saw the T-1000, made out of liquid metal. It was the first movie to successfully combine CGI with real characters in a movie.

I wasn’t surprised that this series was renewed. There is something about Terminators that is tantalizing. The story is getting better. Cromartie is alive and well and using Ellison to find Sarah. Cameron’s reverted to her termination protocols. She tries to kill John and Sarah. I liked how this episode ended. I loved seeing another T-1000. Actually, it’s been revealed that she’s a T-1001.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This show is all about Cameron’s past and how she became a terminator. That’s because originally, she was a real person. Cameron is based on Allison from Palmdale. She’s an infiltrator model. She was chosen to infiltrate John Connor’s camp and they used her to help John in the past. This is her back story. It was pretty interesting.

* * * * *

A terminator is running after someone in some tunnels. They capture her. It’s Cameron. This was in the future. In the present, John drops Cameron off and goes to get some stuff from an electronics shop.

The landlady needs to be taken to the hospital. Cameron is grocery shopping. Something strange is happening to her. She’s getting back memories from her past, our future. She freezes in the aisle and they call the cops. She shows him a wad of cash. In the future, she tells the terminators that her real name is Alison Young. They put a tattoo on her arm. It’s a barcode for POWs.

Cameron is in jail. John is told that Cameron was taken to jail. Cameron is released with her friend. Her friend Jody sees her wad of cash and wants to take her partying. John learns where Cameron went. Sarah stays with the Casey who’s über-preggers.

Ellison is once again in a meeting with the delicious Shirley Manson playing the T1001 Mrs. Weaver. She wants him to hunt for terminators.

In the future, Alison is fed by the machines. She doesn’t eat anything. In the present, Jody and Cameron are eating food. An abusive guy comes barging in and hits Jody. Cameron just gives him her money. He leaves.

Ellison asks Lila, one of his friends at the FBI, to run a check on Mrs. Weaver. Lila is a strikingly beautiful woman. The terminators program Alison about her past. She is in a session with a councillor. She says that her father was an architect. He taught her how to draw. Her mother was a music teacher. She loved Chopin. She’s wearing a bracelet that her sister gave her for her birthday. Her replies are mix in the present and the future.

There is something more to Cameron, something that she hasn’t told anyone. She tells the terminator in the future and the therapist in the present that she comes from Palmdale. John is hot on their trail. Cameron calls her mom, but her mom Claire Young is still preggers with Alison.

Trevor is Casey’s main squeeze. He’s a detective with the LAPD.

The check on Mrs. Weaver went well. They’ve got nothing on her. Lila was involved with Ellison before. She’s got someone new now, a vet named Paul. John finds Cameron at the halfway house. After talking with her for a few seconds, he realizes that something is wrong with her.

In the future, Alison escapes and lands in the slave pens. She manages to get out and jumps off the aircraft carrier that she was on. She’s immediately captured again. Alison is faced with Cameron in the future. Cameron tells Alison that some of the terminators want peace. Alison was chosen by John Connor and the terminators.

In the present, Cameron pushes John against the wall. He’s escorted out by security. She tells the therapist that she was an infiltrator from the future. She was programmed to do so. She says that she will kill John Connor. The therapist calls someone after her session with Cameron.

The therapist called the cops. They find both girls missing. Agent Ellison comes to see Mrs. Weaver again. Her daughter Savannah is there. Ellison accepts Mrs. Weaver’s offer.

John follows Cameron and Jody around. They break into a house. They proceed to break into the place. This is Jody’s home. Cameron knows this because Jody’s necklace is the same as the earrings they take from the safe.

In the future, Cameron confronts Alison about the bracelets. She won’t tell Cameron about the bracelets. It’s a pass to go into the Connor camp. Cameron chokes Alison and kills her. Cameron is renacting what happened in her past. Cameron didn’t kill Jody. She’s back to her old self.

Casey tells Sarah that she freaked out when she got pregnant.

* * * * *

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