The Amazing Race Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge S13E03 (CBS)

During the last pitstop, Christy accused Starr of throwing her sportsbra off a ledge. Teams must fly to La Paz, Bolivia. Then, they have to make their way to the statue of Simon Bolivar. They will need to go through the classifieds of the morning paper to find an indicated ad. Ken/Tina and Mark/Bill leave first.

Sarah just realizes that this is a competition. Aja and Ty both have Osprey backpacks. Interesting. I’ve got two Ospreys myself. Most of the teams arrived within 30 minutes of themselves. Andy/Dan are in denial. They are both fat. The blondes think that the other teams underestimate them. All teams make their way to Bolivia.

Nick has trouble breathing already. La Paz is at 13,000 ft. All of the teams arrive at the statue within minutes of each other. Nick tries to make friends Kelly/Christy. They kind of snub them. Starr and Tina try to get two locals to help them. Sarah already has Anna-Maria.

Andrew/Dan are first to find the clue. They need to make their way to a hat shop to get their next clue. Ken/Tina are next. They take Nick/Starr with them. Toni/Dallas leave next. Terrance/Sarah and Mark/Bill leave next. Kelly/Christy are next. The rest of the teams leave. The blondes are last as usual.

Sarah/Terence decided to walk there. They catch up with Andy/Dan. In this detour, teams must choose between musical march or bumpy ride. They must collect musicians and form a band. They must deliver them to a band leader. In bumpy ride, the teams choose a locally decorated bike and make their bumpy way to a marker. There is a U-turn on this leg of the race.

Andy/Dan do the musical march. Sarah/Terence want to do bumpy ride. Mark/Bill do bumpy ride. Mark/Bill take a taxi to the place where they are supposed to pick up the bikes. This is against the rules of this task. It’s stated that they need to make their way there on foot. They will get a time penalty because of this. Sarah/Terence realize their mistake and head back to the shop via taxi. The bikes are made out of wood and don’t have pedals. Ken/Tina catch up with Bill/Mark. Terence/Sarah are near as well. Christy falls down on her bike. She was going too fast.

Teams must now make their way to their next clue at Los Titanes del Ring. The bikes go down a hill into a tunnel. It looks pretty fast. Brooke and Marisa have a good attitude with their band. They catch up with Andy/Dan. They pass them. The blondes don’t U-turn anyone. Terence/Sarah and Ken/Tina follow suit. Kelly falls down on her bike. The crash looked bad. Nick/Starr don’t U-turn anyone. Aja/Ty don’t do it either. Toni/Dallas are in last place. The manage to pass them.

The teams face a Roadblock. They have to fight a cholita, finding a girl. They have to train, practice and execute a few wrestling move. The teams need the hat from the hat shop. Terence/Sarah’s taxi driver is lost. Ken/Tina arrive 1st. The blondes arrive 2nd. Mark/Bill are 3rd.

Tina finds Ken’s outfit hilarious. Ken’s pretty good. He has no trouble completing this Roadblock. Tina was actually proud of him. They now travel to Mirador el Monticulo, the next pitstop. Aja/Ty’s cab is overheating.

Toni/Dallas pass the other teams. They arrive 4th.Mark/Bill mess up a move and have to start over. Mariso messes up as well. Aja tells Kelly that Starr was trying make them use a U-turn on them. Dallas has no trouble finishing his routine. They are in 2nd place. Sarah messes up. Mark needs some oxygen. It’s funny. Andy completes his routine. They head off in 3rd place. Nick has no trouble finishing. Ty does well. Mark is still getting oxygen. Mark does his 2nd attempt. He gets dizzy when he walks into the ring. He messes up again.

Ken/Tina finish 1st once again. They are the team to beat. They win a 7 night trip for two to Cabo san Lucas in Mexico. This is after they won the ATVs from the previous leg. It’s strange how they associate the success in the race with success in their reconciliation.

Mark and Marisa finally get their routines down. They leave for the pitstop. Sarah completes her as well. Kelly/Christy are still at the ring. They leave last. Toni/Dallas finish 2nd. The teams scramble to the pitstop. The belles pass them all. Andrew/Dan get passed a few times. Terence/Sarah finish 3rd. The blondes are 4th.

Mark/Bill realize that they took a taxi to the detour instead of walking. Aja/Ty finish 5th. Nick/Starr finish 6th. Andy/Dan are 7th. Mark/Bill are 8th but they get hit with a time penalty of 30 minutes. Kelly/Christy are the last team to arrive. They arrive before Mark/Bill. They finish 8th. Mark/Bill finish last. They have been eliminated.

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