Gigantic Anthemic Obsession

Giant Anthem Advanced
Giant Anthem Advanced

I’ve become slightly obsessed with the Giant Anthem in the last week. I was looking at an Opus Maadh or a Stahk, but realized that a 2007 Giant Anthem 1 or 0 might be what I’m looking for. I’ve realized that the Specialized S-Works Epic, Cannondale Scalpel Team and Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL are out of my price range for now.

Basically, I’m going for an aluminum frame, hopefully from Giant. Ironically, Giants are made in Taiwan and they are a Taiwanese company, meaning that I could have gotten a crazy deal on one of them back there. The Giant Anthem Advanced 0 is the top of the line model and is sold in the US for about $7,000. In Taiwan, you see them for about $5,000. It’s an obsession, but a good obsession.

My goal is a year old Giant Anthem 1 that hasn’t been ridden too much or too hard. It will be the perfect intermediate bike, perfect so that I can upgrade the components off ebay, dump the lower grade components onto a cheap frame for winter use. That gives me the liberty of buying a carbon frame next year and slowly putting it together.

Giant Anthem Advanced Vs Trance Advanced
Giant Anthem Advanced Vs Trance Advanced

I’d just love to get a sponsored bike because I’m writing this, but when you realize that even pros/elite riders pay as much as cost on their bikes (which is 50% of retail price most of the time), you know that it won’t happen, but hey Giant, if you’re reading this, contact me!

Giant, I’ve noticed that you haven’t got that much press on your bikes. People aren’t talking enough about your bikes. Maybe it’s time to fine other ways of putting your brand out there. Give me a call, and I’ll sort you out.

Frivolity and jokes aside, I’m itching for a bike. I rarely obsess this much about things, but it’s gotten bad. At least I have my exams to distract me.

I like the Giant colors as well. For some reason, maybe since blue is my favorite color, I love the blue and white on their bikes. The layout is simple yet effective. The Giant Anthem Advanced and Anthem X0 of this year are out of my budget. Then again, I wouldn’t buy a new bike for myself.

Differences? This year, the difference between the carbon and aluminum frames is almost negligible. It’s about 150g and $1,400. It comes down to rider preference and some choice components. Since I don’t really know my preference yet, I decided to wait on that.

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