The Amazing Race I Wonder If They Like Blondes in New Zealand S13E04 (CBS)

While most of the teams relaxed at the pit stop, but Kelly/Christy and Nick/Starr continue to argue. Kelly/Christy didn’t like that the other team asked Aja/Ty to U-turn them.

Teams must fly to Auckland, New Zealand and make their way to Gulf Harbour. Once there, they must untie a large knot to retrieve their clue. Ken/Tina think that they are getting better together since the last leg.

Ken/Tina smartly check the flights thanks to the internet. Terence and Sarah arrive first at the airport. They use the internet connection of a passenger. Andy/Dan do the same thing. They bonded well with the blondes. Kelly/Christy spied on Ken/Tina to get the same flights. Aja gets frustrated with Ty. He wants to book the flight. She wants to wait in line. They hug a few minutes later.

Ken/Tina are frustrated that everyone got onto the same flights. Terence/Sarah move into 1st place. Andy/Dan and Ken/Tina are next. Kelly/Christy and Nick/Starr follow. Terence is very demanding. He’s an ass. Nick/Tina pass them and move into 2nd. Nick/Starr get lost. Brooke/Marisa got some good directions. Terence is an ass and goes the wrong direction. They are in 3rd place.

Aja/Ty get a flat tire. The rules of the race are very specific about what will happen. Aja/Ty fall into last place. They get help from a helpful stranger.

The teams must drive themselves to the summit of Mount Eden. This is the first of two Fast Forwards on the race. In this FF, they must go to the Auckland Sky Tower and climb up part of the tower. They have to pick up a friend. Ken/Tina and Andy/dan decide to try to do the FF.

Terence/Sarah decide not to do it. Kelly/Christy continue with the tasks. Dan/Andy decide to head back to the tasks instead of continuing the FF. Ken/Tina are first.

The teams face a Roadblock. In this roadblock must be immersed in the local Mauri culture. They must find the Mauri with a tattoo that matches a stencil. If they fail, they must try again. Terence/Sarah complete this task in the middle of the night. Terence fails his first time around. He finds the right guy the second time and gets a nose hug.

They must now find the City Life Hotel. Once there, they must find the next clue on the rooftop. For some reason, Kelly/Christy couldn’t find a way up with their car and decide to walk up. Toni/Dallas pass them. They are in 2nd place.

Teams must now use binoculars to spot gnomes. Once they spot a gnome, they must retrieve it for their next clue. Marisa/Brooke don’t see the knot right in front of them. It takes them a while. Andy/Dan pass Kelly/Christy. Ken/Tina do well at the FF. Andy is very slow and fat. Christy finds hers extremely fast. They pass Andy/Dan. I like the Mauri warriors. They are so cool. It’s sick.

Terence/Sarah find their gnome. Toni finds a gnome pretty fast. Ken/Tina will take a helicopter ride to Summerhill, the next pit stop. Terence/Sarah retrieve the gnome. Teams must drive themselves to Kiwi 360, a landmark. Starr misses her first go at the Mauri task. Dan/Andy find a gnome pretty fast.

Nick/Starr pass Kelly/Christy who are still searching for gnomes with the binoculars. Aja/Ty are bringing up the rear with the blondes in last place.

Ken/Tina meet Phil’s dad, who’s from New Zealand at the pit stop. Ken/Tina won a 7 night trip to Rio de Janeiro during the carnival.

Terence/Sarah face a Detour. They have to choose between A Matter of Time or A Matter of Skill. In Matter of Time, the teams must stomp enough kiwis to make some juice and drink it. In Matter of Skill, teams must assemble a blow cart and sail it around the track three times.

Terence/Sarah and Toni/Dallas go squeeze some kiwis. Terence/Sarah finish first and drain their juice. Teams must now make their way to Summerhill, a giant sheep farm. Toni/Dallas have trouble. Andy/Dan start stomping. Toni/Dallas decide to do the other Detour. Nick/Starr stomp as well.

Terence/Sarah finish 2nd. Nick/Starr decide to switch. Andy/Dan switch as well. Kelly/Christy continue stomping. They are having fun. Dallas starts his laps. Dallas/Toni do their laps pretty quickly. Kelly/Christy complete the Detour. They move into 3rd place. Dallas/Tonia are in 4th. Starr capsizes in her blow cart. Kelly/Christy finish 3rd. Starr falls again. She thinks she broke her arm. She cries. It’s a bit funny. She tries to complete the task. Toni/Dallas finish 4th. For some reason, Nick makes Starr drive. She’s still crying. He finally starts to drive. What an idiot. Aja/Ty switch tasks. Andrew/Dan complete their laps.

Nick/Star finish 5th. Andy/Dan finish 6th. The blondes arrive at the kiwi crushing task. Aja/Ty have troubling building their blow cart. Aja/Ty have to drive in the dark. Aja falls in her blow cart. They both race to the end.

Aja/Ty finish 7th. The blondes finish last. They have been eliminated from the race.

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