Survivor Gabon He’s a Snake But He’s My Snake S17E05 (CBS)

GC just got voted out. Fang comes back from Tribal council. Matty starts a fire. Matty is making a ring-type thing to remind himself of his girlfriend. He talks strategy with Ace. They make a deal. Matty wants to stick with Kenny. They swear an oath. They want to make it to the merge.

Kota has been eating very well. Dan has been eating as much as two other tribe members. Corinne agrees with them. Dan is eating 4th and 5th servings. She doesn’t like wasting food on him, since he’s shitty at comps.

Fang is struggling with food. Ace tells Sugar that everyone knows that she has the idol. Sugar thinks that she should give it to Ace. She does so. Ace is feeling supremely comfortable.

It’s time for the next comp. Randy is happy to see that Fang evicted GC. For today’s challenge, the tribe members will all be tethered to a 20 foot snake. The tribes stop at the opposite ends. The goal is to catch the other tribe.

They are playing for a basket of pastries and hot coffee/tea supplies. Corinne sits out for Kota. Initially, Kota is faster. Fang catches up. Kota gains after one lap because of Kelli in Fang. Sugar and Kenny drop off. The boys make Kelly drop out. Matty, Ace and Crystal start sprinting. Susie is out for Kota. Crystal is getting tired. She is walking. She drops out. Matty and Ace are in it by themselves. Kota wins easily. They get to eat right away. Crystal starts to cry like a little baby. They send Sugar to Exile Island. It’s the 4th time.

At Kota, they start to split up the food. If it wasn’t for Dan, there wouldn’t be any rationing rules. Dan is annoying everybody. Randy senses it. He wants to distance himself from him.

Sugar is back in the Sugar Shack in Exile. She finds it hard. She cries. She doesn’t like eating fruits when all that her tribe has is rice.

Matty wants to work at camp, and Crystal doesn’t want to help. Kelly finds her pathetic. Ace tells Kelly that Crystal is going the same way as GC. She goes after Ace and Kelly to try and defend herself. They thing that she is terribly pathetic.

The boys capture a big turtle. They have a feast. Dan is annoying.

For today’s immunity challenge, the tribes will divide into pairs. Each pair is tethered together. The pairs have to retrieve two sections of a flagpole. First tribe to collect all three flagpoles wins. The tribe to finish and assemble the flag wins immunity.

Bob/Randy vs Sugar/Kelly. The girls are pretty quick compared to the old men. The old men beat them at the post. The girls slow down at the netting. Corinne/Charlie leave for Kota. Kelly/Sugar lose a lot of ground. Ace/Crystal leave for Fang. Charlie/Corinne at the post. Corinne is pretty quick at the post and they leave. Fang gains on Kota. Dan/Marcus leave followed quickly by Matty/Kenny. They catch up. Matty/Kenny climb over the obstacle and pass Marcus/Dan. It’s a race to the finish. Fang has a slight lead.

All six pieces of the flag need to be untied first. Kota works together well. Ace wants the help of no one. Kota works quickly together. Ace struggles to make sense of it by himself. Kota wins immunity once again. It all broke down to teamwork in the end.

Ace wants Kelly to go home. Matty and Ace talk. Matty wants to flush the idol out. Ace assures him that the idol isn’t going to be played. Crystal is worried. She knows that people are voting for Kelly, but they can’t do anything really. She talks with Kenny, who talks with Matty. Kenny wants to blindside Ace. Kenny talks with Sugar and learns that she gave the idol to Ace.

Sugar tells Ace that she took the idol back. Ace isn’t worried that he’s going home.

At tribal, Ace is surprised to hear that Crystal will vote for him. Kelly says that Crystal is either weak or unstable. Crystal doesn’t like hearing this. Crystal argues with Kelly. Kelly tries to involve Ace. Ace doesn’t stand for it.

Kelly is voted out by a vote of 4-1. Ace and Crystal are happy that she’s gone.

* * * * *

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