Survivor Gabon This Camp Is Cursed S17E04 (CBS)

During the tribe swap, Fang decided not to improve their tribe and stick with their own. This led them down even more defeats. In the last tribal council, they decided to get rid of a strong player as well. Jacquie was voted out over weak Kelly.

Sugar tells everyone upon her return that she didn’t search for the idol and indulged in comfort. Crystal believes that she has the idol. At Kota, they caught an electric fish. Randy is happy. They have fish and beans to eat.

At Fang, they see an elephant near the lake. They watch him break a few trees. Matty wants to take a closer look. He goes in the canoe with Ace. They are a bit stupid. You don’t go near a male bull like that.

It’s time for the next challenge. Kota can’t believe that they got rid of Jacquie. Marcus and Corinne are shocked. The numbers are now even. The challenge involves tossing fruits through loops. The other tribe members will try to stop them. Up for grabs is an herb garden and any fruits they catch for today.

Crystal and Ace are wielding the clubs. For Kota, Bob and Charlie will do the same. Fang is the first on the board. Ace is doing well. Fang has the early lead. Matty and Kenny are doing pretty well. Dan is terrible. Dan learns from his mistakes, but Fang is ahead. Kota is making a comeback. Dan hits Ace in the face with some fruits. Fang has 16lbs. Kota has 18lbs and easily wins once again. Actually, it was hard work. It was a close race. Kota sends Sugar to Exile Island once again. Dan says that they want Sugar to find the idol and force her to play it before the merge. That would flush it out.

Dan makes a little speech to his tribe about the upcoming merge. He wants them to stick together. Marcus thinks that Dan is too eager to express his devotion to the new Kota tribe. Susie is the opposite of Dan. She’s really quiet. Randy had fun at the challenge. He relaxes in the water for a few minutes.

Sugar is happy at Exile Island. She eats a lot of fruit.

At Fang, the tribe is going hungry. GC is being an ass again. He mouths off at Crystal. Ace sees them cracking at the edges. He likes seeing GC and Crystal argue. He was sitting back and enjoying it. Crystal tells GC that she was just joking. GC wants to leave. What a pussy!

GC goes missing. He was on a boat.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. A member from one tribe will launch a ball from the top of a hill through a series of obstacles. A blinded member from the other tribe will try to stop them. There are different goals worth different points.

Charlie and Matty face off. Kota scores 2 and Fang scores 5. The defenders were useless. Sugar was useless. She was the caller. Dan stops Fang’s ball. Kota scores 2 more pts. Sugar isn’t saying much. Ace berates her. Kelly and Marcus go next. Dan stops his own ball. Fang scores 2 pts. Fang leads by 2. Kota scores 2. Dan stops Fang’s ball. Ace falls down because of Dan’s shield. I think he’s faking. It’s 7-6 for Fang. Dan stops Fang. Randy misleads Ace and their ball scores 2pts. Kota wins 8-7. Kota wins immunity. It was another close one but Kota clearly outplayed Fang.

GC tells Matty that he wants to leave the game. Matty tells him that he’ll regret it. Matty tells Crystal that GC is quitting. Ace is smiling at the drama. The tribe decides to vote him out. Kelly and Kenny vote to get rid of him. Sugar and Ace vote together as well. Crystal, Kenny and Matty decide to go through Sugar’s things. They find the idol. The rest of the tribe thinks that tonight is the only night that they can blindside her. They want to get rid of her. They will keep GC.

GC wants to quit. Matty says that it’s not an option. Jeff brings up the Immunity Idol. Sugar mentions that someone might have gone through her bag. She knows that they know that she has the idol. GC is voted out 4-1.

* * * * *

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