Californication The Raw And The Cooked S02E04 (Showtime)

Ozone Hotel on Boul Laurier

It’s the season premiere of Californication, and it starts surprisingly. The show was very quickly renewed for a new season.

How long will it take Hank to mess things up with Karen? Not very long. Hank’s usual nice disposition doesn’t win him any favorites when he tries to talk his way out of a warning. He just gets arrested.

I enjoyed the whole first series. Even though some critics were against some of the more controversial scenes, I enjoyed them. It paints an interesting picture of the life of Hank Moody and his messed up life. Hank has been a real asshole in the past, but at the end of it all he’s a good man. If you thought that the second season was going to be any less controversial, think again. This time, it’s mouth rape.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Karen comes back from shopping. Hank proposes to Karen. She doesn’t know what to say. She doesn’t say anything, she just kisses him. They are having a dinner tonight. Mia is around. Becca’s friend Damian comes by. Charlie and Marcy dropped some E and are making out in Hank’s hallway.

Your hair is so gorgeous, I want to chop it off and sleep in it.
Marcy to Mia

The guru and Sonya show up. Sonya says that the guru can marry them. Ashby and Destiny arrive. He’s the girl he mouth raped by mistake. Becca says grace to Satan. The guru says that Satanism is against everything in our society. Becca argues with the guru.

Sonya is preggers. The guru isn’t the father. When they met, Sonya was already preggers. Mia surmises that Hank is the father of Sonya’s child. She knows that they had sex. Sonya didn’t know how to tell Hank. Mia is drunk. The shit hit the fan right there.

After smoking on in the bathroom, Hank finds Ashby, Destiny, Charlie and Marcy snorting coke in Becca’s room. When he flushes the coke down the toilet, he wants to take a snort but Karen walks in. Before they get to talk, Ashby has a seizure. He gestures to Hank to do something with a syringe. Hank finds it and injects it into Ashby. Ashby has food allergies.

Mia leaves with Ashby and Destiny. Hank tries to watch out for her, but it doesn’t really work. Destiny gestures to Hank to call her. She liked the mouth rape.

Karen says that she isn’t mad. She made a huge mistake. They tried to make it work but it didn’t. She can’t marry him. Karen takes off his ring. Hank knows that he can’t stay. Becca says that he tried his best, it was fun while it lasted.

* * * * *

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