The Amazing Race Do It Like A Madman S13E05 (CBS)

Teams have been in New Zealand. Ken/Tina finished 1st. Now it’s time to depart to Cambodia. Teams must fly to Siem Reap. Once there, they have to make their way to a roadside camping station.

Tina learns that there are two flights that lead to Siem Reap. Terence and Sarah get stopped by the cops for speeding. Terence calls Sarah an ass afterward. They make the flight on Singapore Airlines. Starr didn’t break anything during the last task, so she’s OK.

The other teams arrive and have to take the next flight. Toni/Dallas and Christy/Kelly are at the booking center. The girls don’t like Dallas. They think that he looks like Teen Wolf. Nick/Starr also make it on the next flight.

Andy/Dan don’t make it on that flight. They check at the Emirates counter and are told that they can get on the flight. They are on the same flight as the other teams. Christy/Kelly don’t look happy. Aja/Ty are the last ones at the airport.

All of the teams catch up except Aja/Ty. Aja tells Ty that she’s always begging for his attention. She really enjoys his company, that’s always nice to see.

Nick/Starr are currently in 1st place. Toni/Dallas get a crappy taxi driver. The first six teams are jockeying for positions. Kelly/Christy are at the wrong gas station. Nick/Starr arrive 1st. They have to chose a truck then used a hand pump to fill the gas tank of the truck. One of the gas station attendants will hand them their next clue.

Karma is a bitch. Kelly/Christy are totally lost. Teams must now jump in the back of the truck and have their driver take them to Siem Reap Harbour. Then, they must take a marked boat to a floating restaurant. When Nick/Starr leave, Toni/Dallas arrive. Terence/Sarah, Ken/Tina and Andy/Dan arrive. Andy/Dan don’t understand what to do.

Kelly/Christy arrive. Andy/Dan try to watch the other teams, but don’t understand. Kelly/Christy pass them. Ken/Tina and Terence/Sarah leave next. Aja /Ty arrive in Siem Reap. Andy/Dan are still there after the girls leave.

It is hotter than Satan’s toe nail

Terence/Sarah’s truck passes Ken/Tina. They catch up with Toni/Dallas and pass them as well. Ken/Tina move into 3rd place. When Starr is worried, she gets out of the truck to ask directions. All of the other teams pass them because of their idiotic mistake. Nick/Starr end up in 4th place. Sarah is pretty smart. She knows a few words in Cambodian. Nick/Star move into 3rd as Toni/Dallas have trouble with their boat. Nick/Starr pass Ken/Tina. They are back in 2nd place. Toni/Dallas pass Ken/Tina as well. They are in 3rd. Ken/Tina are in 4th.

Terence/Sarah’s boat has trouble. It breaks down. It’s funny. Nick/Starr, Dallas/Tony, Ken/Tina all pass them. That’s what happens when you push the boat too hard.

In this Detour, the teams have to choose between Village Life or Village Work. In Village Life, teams use their boats to pick up three items. They have to deliver these items. In Village Work, teams take their boats to the fishing grounds. They must find two traps among numerous others to find the ones filled with fish and deliver them.

Nick/Starr choose Village Work. Ken/Tina choose Village Life. Terence/Sarah do Village Life. Toni/Dallas do Village Work as well. Terence/Sarah’s boat is still broken down. It gets fixed after a little while.

Nick/Starr finish quickly, but Toni/Dallas bring back an empty trap. Kelly/Christy don’t get their clue and just join the basketball part of Village Life. They realize their mistake. Andy/Dan pass them. They decide to do Village Work.

Nick/Starr must take a tuktuk to Angkor Wat. Ken/Tina are 2nd. Toni/Dallas are 3rd. Terence/Sarah are 4th.

Teams face a Roadblock. In this Roadblock, the teammember must search Angkor Wat for a temple room, the room of echoes. They must thump their chest to create an echo. Nick and Tina go ahead. Kelly/Christy pass Andy/Dan.

Nick finds it first. Teams must now find Bayon Temple. It’s the pit stop. Nick is sneaky and hides his clue. Tina and Dallas are duped. Tina is totally lost. Dallas finds the room next. Terence is 3rd. Tina walks right by it. She finally finds it. Christy gets help and finds it quickly. They moved into 4th place. Ken/Tina are in 5th.

Nick/Starr finish 1st. They win a trip for two to St-John. Toni/Dallas finish 2nd. Terence/Sarah finish 3rd. Andy is lost in Angkor Wat. Kelly/Christy make a wrong turn. Andy finds the room when Aja/Ty start the task.

Ken/Tina finish 4th. Kelly/Christy finish 5th. Christy is surprised. They took a wrong turn. Andy/Dan take another wrong turn and end up lost. Aja/Ty are making up ground fast. Andy/Dan finish 6th. Aja/Ty finish last. They are eliminated from the race. Because Sarah/Terence got stopped for speeding, they will get a 30 minute penalty at the start of the next leg of the race.

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