6 KM

Well, I’m disappointed that my right knee is still bugging me. Tonight during our run, it was the outside of my knee that was acting up. The back tendon wasn’t as sore. Still it slowed me down considerably. I ran a shorter distance though, which was actually what was recommended for me. If it continues like this, I won’t be able to take part of the running workouts with the triathlon team, which are demanding physically.

I’m a lot slower than before as well. I completed 6 km in 35:24. I usually run 7.8 km in 42 minutes. 9.2 in 47. This is really slow. Also, I have to take frequent brakes because my knee is acting up. I might see a physiotherapist tomorrow to see what’s up with that.

This is the route we took to the oval. We ran another 1.6 km there. The good news is that yesterday, my left knee was hurting more. My left was sore. My left knee was fine today. Hopefully by the weekend, I’m going to be feeling faster. It’s really annoying to run so slow.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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