Dexter All In The Family S03E04 (Showtime)

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Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

It’s the season premiere of Dexter. Lila is dead. Dexter is back at work. His life with Rita is going well. Dex does something stupid when he moves in to kill Freebo. He kills someone else. He wasn’t prepared to find out who it was he killed. At least no one is on Dex’s case.

Dex is able to move on, to get by his father’s death while Deb is still stuck. I thought that this was a great way to start the third season of Dexter. I recommend this show, it was filled with interesting bits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Dexter is confronted by another strange situation: how to ask Rita to marry him. He doesn’t feel the same way as others. At least, that’s the way that he perceives himself. He’s alien. He needs to kill. But, he needs to marry Rita. Rita won’t marry him out of convenience, she wants to marry for love. As the episode progresses, Dexter tries a few times unsuccessfully. When confronted by a sociopath that’s a pathological liar, Dexter understands what to do. It was that and a morning talk with Miguel.

Ramon, Miguel’s brother, is acting crazy. Dex knows that this will only get worse. He starts manipulating him to the best of his ability. It works well. Miguel gets even closer with Dex, while Syl happily adopts spending time with Rita.

This was another great episode, which made me want to watch the next one right away. Which I did of course.

* * * * *

Rita tells Dex that they need to tell the kids. Dex just goes right ahead. Astor asks why they aren’t married yet. Dex thinks that it’s a good idea. Rita tells him that it was ridiculous. Later that day, she explains it to him. She says that she doesn’t want it unless it’s real. She married Paul because she was preggers.

Miguel and Ramon are arguing at the family BBQ. Ramon wants to find his brother’s killer, no matter what. Miguel wants to tell him, but Dex already is in enough trouble. He knows that this won’t go away.

Astor is acting moody. Dex doesn’t know what to do. He’s at his a new crime scene.

Rita is trying to placate an annoying customer and loses her cool. She’s dealing with Astor acting out. Rita gets fired for cursing at a client, her frequent bathroom breaks and her unexplained days off work.

Dex approaches Ramon at a bar. It doesn’t go well. LaGuerta comes to see Miguel about the Heinz case. Yuki the IAD detective keeps bugging Deb. Deb is surprised at how well Quinn works with the witness of her latest case. Deb is spending time with Anton again.

Rita is sick. Dex tries to talk about marriage again, but he doesn’t really know how. She wants to know about Quinn. Anton isn’t very forthcoming. Baptista is spending time with a hooker. He doesn’t know that the hooker is a vice officer. She knows that he’s a cop and lets him get away with it before he gets arrested.

Dex tells Miguel that he ran into Ramon. Miguel already knows it. He talked with him. Once again, Miguel wants Ramon to know.

Detective Barbara Gianna from Vice turns up to see Baptista. She was posing as a hooker the night before. She warns him and Baptista tells her his sob story.

Ramon arrives at the station. He’s here because he received some anonymous tips about Freebo being in Miami somewhere. Dex did the tips to set Ramon off. Ramon makes a scene.

Dex is analyzing the blood spatter at the latest case Rice. It turns out that the girlfriend Fiona is lying. It turns out that Rice wasn’t planning a wedding with Fiona. None of his friends knew her. The photo found at the scene was photoshopped.

Quinn kicks her out. Deb played her part. Good cop/nice cop works well on Fiona. Dex is amazed at how good Fiona is acting. Deb is furious. Yuki calls Deb once again. Quinn didn’t tell Deb that he had a hunch that Fiona killed Rice. Quinn played Deb to get the confession. He says that Deb doesn’t have a poker face yet.

LaGuerta pays a visit to Chicki Heinz’s attorney and gives her the statements. Dex leaves more anonymous tips about Freebo. Dex tells Miguel that they should tell Ramon that Freebo is dead. They go see Ramon, who’s drunk. Dex stokes the fire by being there. He manipulates Miguel expertly and gets Ramon into even more trouble.

Early the next morning, Miguel calls Dex. They talk at the beach and Miguel makes him realize things about friendship and companionship. It makes him think about the way that he can talk to Rita. He goes to see her that night. He proposes to her in a better way. Rita starts to cry and says yes.

* * * * *

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  1. So, is the “previously – flashback” scene of Angel and Gianna actually in the hotel room ONLY seen in the “previously – flashback”?? I seem to have missed the whole pickup, hotel room, her throwing him against the wall, etc. scene.

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