Dexter The Lion Sleeps Tonight S03E03 (Showtime)

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Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

It’s the season premiere of Dexter. Lila is dead. Dexter is back at work. His life with Rita is going well. Dex does something stupid when he moves in to kill Freebo. He kills someone else. He wasn’t prepared to find out who it was he killed. At least no one is on Dex’s case.

Dex is able to move on, to get by his father’s death while Deb is still stuck. I thought that this was a great way to start the third season of Dexter. I recommend this show, it was filled with interesting bits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Dexter is confronted by another predator which leads him to investigate a child molester. He doesn’t like that, especially when Astor and Cody are at risk. On the home front, things are going well with Rita. He’s slowly starting to accept that he’ll be a father. Quinn and Deb battle at the squad over Quinn’s CI Anton.

This was another riveting episode. The Miguel Prado affair gets even more convoluted. For some reason, Miguel sees Dex as a kindred spirit.

* * * * *

Dexter is grocery shopping with Rita and the kids. Dexter detects a predator there. He targets kids. Dexter tries to warn him off. It gives Dex an idea. He jots down his license plate number to check up on him later, just in case.

Miguel is trying hard to be Dex’s friend. He’s trying to end the investigation. Miguel invites Dex and Rita out for drinks. They’ve got a new murder victim. The detectives think it’s Freebo, but Dex killed him last night. That means that another killer is on the loose. Javier Garza is a low-life pimp.

Dex tells Deb that Rita is expecting his kid. Dex meets Ramon and his wife. Miguel notices that Dex is feeling strange about Rita’s pregnancy. Miguel assures him that what he did will never be forgotten.

Nathan Marten is the guy that approached Astor. He’s a sex predator. He’s been released. That night, Miguel drops by to have some more drinks. Miguel talks about his father, to whom he always was a failure. Dex says that his father was disgusted by him.

Miguel wants to move the body and end the case. He wants the cops to find it. It’s a problem since Dex already disposed of the body.

Deb is meeting with Quinn’s informant Anton again. She tracked him down to ask him questions about Javier. He doesn’t like being bossed around, so he lights up a joint in her face. She threatens to arrest him and she does.

Dex promised Rita that he’d get checked out medically. He’s getting an MRI. During the scan, Dex has some weird day-dreams about Harry comparing his brain to a serial killer’s.

Dex shows Miguel were the body is buried. He says that the body is in the grave of another dead guy. Miguel is satisfied, but he wants the police to refocus their investigation on the new killer.

Dex doesn’t know it, but Marten is targeting Astor. He’s taking pictures of her at the beach. Dex notices him.

Dex and Rita are in yoga. It’s excruciating for him. LaGuerta comes to see Miguel. He’s asked for the maximum sentence for Chicki Heinz. Heinz was just convicted for 20 years. LaGuerta can’t believe this.

Quinn is pissed that Deb locked up his CI. Baptista tells her to cut Anton loose. Marten is on the prowl with his giant telephoto lens. He’s watching kids. Dex warns Marten off, but Dex knows that Marten has got a compulsion. Nathan doesn’t fit his code. He’s not a killer. Dex receives a call from Miguel. He ignores it. He’s got other things to do. Dex plans a way to help Deb out to identify Teegan. Deb doesn’t want to hear that he’s not going to be around the kid. She’s angry with him. She thinks that he’s going to be a great father. She says that this isn’t about him, it’s about the baby. Dex had planted a little poster behind him with Teegan’s ID and photo.

They’ve found Freebo’s hideout. Freebo has got a tight alibi. Someone else killed Teegan. They know that Javier was killed by the same person who killed Teegan, so Freebo is off the hook.

Baptista tells Morgan that she needs to mend fences with Anton, the CI. Deb is happy once again. Dex has dealt with Teegan, it’s time to deal with Miguel. Miguel is impressed with the way that Dex steered the cops away from the Freebo investigation. Miguel appreciates that Dex is a cautious man. He’s got a gift for Dex. He gives Dex the shirt that he wore the night that Dex killed Freebo. It implicates Miguel in Freebo’s murder. Miguel wants Dex to trust him. He tells Dex that he’s got a lot of potential. Dex has made a friend.

Deb goes to apologize to Anton. Anton says that he’s been working on a song for her. He sings that Deb is a skinny mean bitch.

Rita wants Dex to pick up some milk. Dex visits Marten with his kill gear. He surprises Marten looking at photos of his kids. He strangles him. He picks up milk from Marten’s fridge for Rita.

Nobody hurts my children.

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