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October 26 2008

Beautiful autumnal trees

Beautiful autumnal trees

October 24 2008

The St-Jean-Baptiste Church in my neighbourhood

The St-Jean-Baptiste Church in my neighbourhood

October 23 2008

Another beautiful autumn sunset

Another beautiful autumn sunset

Why Should You Use VOIP Instead of a Landline

A lot of people might be wondering why you need to use VOIP instead of a traditional landline. VOIP has become extremely popular, thanks to Skype, a service that lets you use your computer to talk to your friends over a broadband internet connection. Right now, most TV cable companies and phone companies offer VOIP handset deals. The reason why they are so popular is because in most place, the old phone company had always the monopoly of landlines. Calls between cities in the same country are considered as long distance, and don’t even start looking at international long distance calls. The costs are pretty steep. But first of all, what is VOIP? VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a way to talk over the internet.

Pointer MIA

On my way to a class, a pointer-type dog started running around me happily. There were other people around, but I guess he knew that I was a dog person and wanted to play with him. He didn’t have a leash on and he was pretty cute. He kept running around me for at least 7 minutes. I was starting to worry that his owners wouldn’t find him. He playfully bumped into my back legs lightly a number of times. It was cold and his fur was wet. He was a small black and white dog, with a red collar.

Finally, when I was near the parking of my work, I saw the owners call him in the distance. I watched until they caught up with him and went on my way.

Screen2: A Great Way To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone

Haven’t you always wanted a bigger screen on your mobile phone? Most cell phones need to find a balance between size and portability. It’s not always best to have big screens on them. There are also those of us with older cell phones that are reticent to upgrade to new ones every year. Which is why Lu Le came up with his Screen2 concept.

Ooma: One Time Fee VOIP Service

There are a multitude of VOIP systems out there. It’s hard to make a choice. Ooma was launched last year and is a one-time fee VOIP service that actually has a really good looking handset. Plus there is the option of getting more features if you are ready to pay a monthly fee. We think that the basic module will be good for most users. There is also the possibility of low-cost international calls.

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