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Why Is Gabrielle So Happy?

I wasn’t allowed to laugh when I was at home, so now I’m compensating…

At School Earlier This Week

-You’re married?
-For how long?
I’ve been with my wife for seven years, but we’ve only been married for three years.
-Wow… How old are you?
-I don’t believe you. Show me your cards!
-This one doesn’t say how old you are… I can’t believe that you’re 32. You don’t look that old.
Yep, that’s me.

Conversation I had in French with Caroline, a 19 year old mathematics students last week.

Overheard at Le Bonnêt D’Âne

-Est-ce que tu peux faire de la place pour mon amoureux? Je veux être assise près de lui…
(Could you make a place for my lover, I would like to sit next to him…)
Gabrielle to Benoit

November 28 2008

Tandoori chicken pizza I couldnt finish at Le Bonnet DÂne

Tandoori chicken pizza I couldn't finish at Le Bonnet D'Âne

Le Bonnet D’Âne.

November 27 2008

November 26 2008

07 Giant Anthem 0

'07 Giant Anthem 0

November 25 2008

Vegetable soup JP made

Vegetable soup JP made

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