I went mountain biking on the Plaines D’Abraham today. It was raining and dark, but I wanted to try it out. I had just eaten something and most of the day was spent doing an Optimization HW which is due on Friday. Getting there means going up hills. I was surprised how easy it was. I haven’t gotten used to the gears on my bike, but it was fun. It took only a few minutes and we were riding on grass.

My roommate decided to take a steep hill down on his bike and I followed. The grass was wet and my disc brakes are pretty efficient, so I was making sure that I wasn’t skidding. The Avid Juicy 7s brake pretty hard, so I was modulating my pull on them. I knew that if I pulled too hard on them, I would skid out of control. The wet grass didn’t make things easier.

I didn’t have any problems with the SRAM XO shifters, other than they need to be adjusted. I think my bike double shifts in the middle of range. The bottom of the hill came pretty fast and the grass was separated from the road by a curb, which I only saw at the last moment. No problems, though I had a fraction of a second to notice it.

We went up a few hills. I enjoyed how intense the activity was. More than running, that’s for sure. We went up a steep hill on grass. I lost traction midway since I didn’t have clip-on shoes yet. It was that and having moved my weight out of the saddle, which caused the rear suspension to lose traction. I moved the bike a few feet further and managed to get back into the hill and climb it.

It was fun, wet and quick. I’ll do it again tomorrow.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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