14.2 KM Bike

Took my bike out with my roommates to La Vie Sportive, a sporting goods store in Quebec City. Ended up buying nothing, but enjoying the ride. I couldn’t quite make it up the steep hill of Côte Bradelard on the way back. I started out in the wrong gear, and this made it impossible to power my way up standing on the bike. The gear was too low. I needed a higher gear. Once off the bike, I didn’t get back up on it until I was up the hill. It actually makes me want to return back there and try it again.

This was my first experience riding in traffic as a biker. I can’t say that I enjoyed that part, but it was still fun riding my bike. My ass is hurting, so I’ll have to get a chamois bib or something like that ASAP. I wanted to get some running clothes and I almost got them, but in the end, they were too expensive for what they were and I knew that I could get way cheaper online. I tried out a lot of things of brands I liked so that I knew my size.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

4 thoughts on “14.2 KM Bike”

  1. Quebec City’s hills are notoriously steep in Vieux-Quebec. There is no shame in getting off your bike to make it to the top 😉 As far as riding in traffic goes, being a rider in Montreal I have to say my best advice to you is to think like you’re a car. Don’t be afraid to take the space you need to ride comfortably (meaning avoid being too much on the edge of the road). It might piss off some drivers, but eh, safety first.

  2. I’m riding an ’07 Giant Anthem 0. I think I’ll head back this week to tackle that hill. There are quite a few nice hills to practice on. That does the anaerobic part of my exercise regimen.

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