Survivor Gabon Apple In The Garden Of Eden S17E07 (CBS)

Ace and Dan left in the last tribal council. Randy is making a big deal about Susie laughing about tribal council. Corinne is still pissed at Susie for calling her the weakest player on her team. Susie thinks that she has got all of the power.

At Fang, the tribe is Ace-less. Sugar is doing a little dance. Matty feels like the odd man out. He hopes that the merge is soon. Kenny thinks that the merge is happening tomorrow. Sugar says that no one of Kota can know that she has the Immunity Idol.

Corinne bitches to Marcus about Susie. Corinne wants to get rid of her ASAP. The tribes get treemail. It’s time for a feast. The tribes are going to a feast and the beach. Matty is overwhelmed by the amount of food. The tribe digs in. There is a big box that has to be opened at the end of the feast. Kenny spots a clue to the Immunity Idol. Charlie just grabs it and tosses it over to his tribemates. They must find it right now. Otherwise, they will lose it. Randy finds the idol in a few seconds. He tells his tribe that he doesn’t want it. Kenny, Crystal and Matty really want it. They decide to toss it into the ocean. Marcus throws it. He thinks that it was his way of controlling the others.

The tribe opens the box. Each tribemember must grab a numbered stone. They’ve just chosen two new tribes. The odd numbers are the new Fang tribe. The even numbers are Kota. There is a majority of the Kota 6 in each of the tribes. Susie, Crystal, Bob and Marcus are the new Kota. Crystal is the cousin of one of Marcus’ best friends. Marcus is torn. He thinks that he wants to keep her. Crystal tells him that she will write down Susie’s name down. She later admits that this was her playing the game, because she told Ace the same thing.

Sugar, Randy, Charlie, Corinne and Matty are the new Fang. Charlie wants to make sure that Corinne and Randy stay true to the Kota 6 and vote out the others. Corinne wants to get rid of Matty. Matty doesn’t trust Randy.

Matty tells Sugar that Kenny was gunning for Ace. Sugar now feels awful. She thinks that she was played by Kenny and Crystal.

Marcus and Bob are talking about the situation. Marcus doesn’t think that Susie will go with her alliance. She even mentions that she will go either way because she doesn’t want to be in the final six. She wants to be in the final three. She plans on voting him out if they go to tribal.

Randy tells Corinne and Charlie that they should lose the immunity challenge so that they can get rid of Matty. Matty feels in danger. He’s concerned that his time here is drawing to an end.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Today’s challenge involves the tribemembers holding two poles with two un-stretched arms. It’s an endurance task. The tribe that is eliminated first goes to tribal. After one second, Crystal is out. After 10 seconds, Sugar is out. 20 seconds later, Susie is out. Corinne and Randy are out. Kenny is out. Bob, Marcus, Charlie and Matty are left. Marcus is out. Charlie is out. It’s between Matty and Bob. Matty is acting like an idiot. Marcus tells Bob that Matty is about to lose it. Kota loses it. Matty wins immunity for Fang.

Matty is happy that he managed to pull this off. He is right to be worried. Randy would have orchestrated his eviction.

Susie wants to get rid of either Kenny or Crystal. So she’s sticking to the plan for now. Crystal is full of excuses again about losing the challenge. Marcus would like to see Kenny to go. Marcus talks with Crystal. He tells her that Kenny is going to go first. Next, Susie will go. Secretly, she doesn’t want Kenny to go. She thinks that Marcus is a schemer.

Later, he tells Susie that they should take Kenny out since Crystal isn’t a threat anymore. Susie feels safer with the Kota 6, so she’s staying with Marcus for now. She thinks that she can get to the top 3. Crystal tells Kenny that he’s on the chopping block. They need Susie’s vote to vote out Marcus. Crystal talks with Susie in the hut. She tells her that Marcus can’t promise Susie the final three. Susie doesn’t feel comfortable voting for them.

At tribal, Bob says that he regrets voting off Dan. He would have probably voted off Susie. He doesn’t think that voting off Dan was a good idea since they aren’t merged yet. Kenny attacks Marcus at tribal. Crystal finds it funny. Susie is hiding a smirk.

By a vote of 3-2, Marcus is voted off and becomes the first member of the jury.

* * * * *

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