Survivor Gabon It All Depends On The Pin-Up Girl S17E06 (CBS)

Fang is starving. Crystal stumbles over the rice box and a lot of it falls all over the floor. Matty is furious, but there’s no point arguing. Later, she’s not eating any food. She doesn’t want to take food away from them. Ace thinks that she’s going to be next.

Dan realizes that he doesn’t fit in. Corinne thinks that he’s socially inept. He constantly seeks approval. Marcus thinks that he’s paranoid and he’ll be a liability in the future. Marcus says that there’s nothing that they can do to save him.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. It’s a game of keep away. Two members of one tribe throw a breakable ball. A member of the opposite tribe will try to smash it. Two games will be happening simultaneously. The first tribe to 3 wins. The winning tribe will be flows away to a beautiful location for a luxury picnic. Corinne and Charlie sit out the challenge.

Randy scores first for Kota. Impressive. Sugar is shit at this game. She is trying to break the ball. Bob scores for Kota. Dan scores in a second for Kota. Kota wins. It was a disaster for Fang. Kota sends Sugar to Exile Island. It’s her 5th turn there.

Kota goes on their picnic. They receive letters from home. Bob cries like a baby. At Fang, it’s depressive. Matty can’t stand it that Sugar is still here. She was useless in this challenge. He wants to get rid of her. He takes a boat ride with Ace. He tells him that he wants to get rid of her. Ace replies that he wants to get rid of Crystal. At camp, Crystal and Kenny want to get rid of Ace.

Sugar is at the Sugar Shack eating fruits. She’s sticking with Ace because he’s the strongest player. She’s glad he’s there. It’s time for the next immunity challenge.

Both tribes are going to tribal council. Both tribes will vote someone out. Each one will have the chance to win individual immunity. There is also a twist. It’s a log roll. Ace beats Dan easily. Charlie beats Crystal easily. Marcus beats Matty. Randy beats Susie. Sugar beats Kenny. Bob beats Corinne.

Ace beats Charlie by a hair. Marcus beats Randy. Sugar beats Bob by another hair. Bob slipped. For the final round, Ace, Sugar and Marcus will be on the log at the same time. Sugar is out first. Marcus wins immunity. He will give immunity to member of the other tribe. He gives it to Sugar. Sugar is pretty happy and flirts with Marcus. She gives him a kiss on the cheek. Crystal can’t believe this.

Kenny has a talk with Sugar and tells her that Ace was talking about her behind her back. She tells him that they should blindside Ace. Ace asks Sugar for the Immunity Idol.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Fang about the rice incident. Crystal freaks out again. Matty is still upset. She said that they didn’t keep any for her. Ace is voted out by a vote of 2-1.

At Kota, Dan digs his own grave. Corinne, Charlie, Randy and Marcus are aligned. The only chance that Dan has is that if Susie causes some friction. Corinne tells Susie that Dan is the target. Corinne tells her that no one will vote to her. Susie admits Corinne that she was going to vote for her. Corinne talks it over with Randy who agrees that Susie needs to go. Corinne talks with Charlie and Marcus. They think that Dan might have the immunity idol, so it’s between Susie and Dan.

During tribal, Susie says that she’s stronger than Corinne. Corinne is flabbergasted. Dan is voted out by a vote of 4-3.

* * * * *

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