Survivor Gabon Nothing Tastes Better Than Five Hundred Dollars S17E09 (CBS)

Back at camp, Corinne wonders why they picked Charlie. She blames Kenny and Crystal. She thinks that herself, Bob and Randy will be leaving next. Bob tells Sugar about his fake immunity idol. Corinne and Randy talk strategy, but they know that their schemes are doomed. They don’t have the numbers. They think that they can turn Matty. The tribe receives tree mail. It’s time for the food auction. Corinne wants to spend it on something that will take her further in the game.

The first item up for auction is a pail filled with beers and peanuts. Sugar and Randy bid. Randy wins. Sugar says that she just upped the ante. Kenny and Randy bid on the next item. Kenny wins. He gets to send someone to Exile Island. He’ll also get all of their money. He sends Bob and gets another $500. The next item is covered as well. Sugar wins it. She bought a bowl of peanut butter and some chocolate bars. The next item is a hot bath and everything they need to get clean. Plus they get a clean set of clothes. Susie gets it for $340. The next items are hamburgers and fries. Matty gets that for $400. Susie gets out quickly out of the bath. Sugar doesn’t understand. The next item is covered. Kenny keeps giving it up to other people. He gets spaghetti, garlic bread and a glass of wine. The next item is sealed in a bottle. It’s a clue for the next immunity challenge. Kenny once again gives it up for Corinne. She spent $500. Randy spends $20 on the plate of cookies. Sugar just makes things awkward by having a little tiff with Randy. With that, the auction is over. Kenny was an idiot. He wasted it. I knew that he would do this.

On the way back, Randy is fuming over the cookie. Sugar finds it hilarious. I find her funny, she’s also easy on the eyes, a lot easier than Randy. Matty tries to talk with Randy, but he won’t budge. Bob gets nowhere on Exile Island. He decides to go on a little safari.

Kenny, Crystal, Sugar, Matty and Susie talk strategy. Matty thinks that they should take out Bob first. He’s worried about Bob. Sugar notices that Matty is really playing the game. She wonders why he wants to hang on to Randy. Randy arrives and glares at everyone. He leaves right away.

The next morning, he tells Corinne that he will implode today. He wants to make everyone miserable. Corinne has got beautiful eyes. She looks a bit hungry and thin though. Randy plans on using Bob’s immunity idol and get rid of Susie. Randy talks with Matty and convinces him that he needs to get rid of Randy. Randy takes it up a notch and pisses everyone off at camp.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, the tribemembers will race across a few beams with puzzle bags. The first three people will move on to the next round. They must arrange the blogs along a multi-angled platform. They will make their way through tripwires to the end. The goal is to trip them at the end to raise their flag. Corinne moves directly into the final. Matty easily moves into the final. Kenny goes into the final.

Kenny is smart. He builds his blocks in stages, but he trips them all. Matty is close to finishing, but he touches a lot of wires. Corinne is making a lot of progress. Kenny and Matty are close to finishing. Kenny says that he has it, but it doesn’t work. Corinne has kept calm. Matty gives it a try. Corinne’s stops short. Matty’s stops short. Kenny wins immunity. He didn’t really need it.

Sugar wants to use Bob’s fake idol to trick Randy. It works well. It’s time for tribal. Jeff wants to ask Sugar and Randy about the cookies. Then they talk about Randy’s outburst. The vote is going towards Randy and Susie. As predicted, Randy takes out the fake idol. Everyone is laughing it up. Even Corinne has a giddy smile. She smiles at Marcus and Charlie. Jeff tells them that it’s a fake. When Crystal votes, she makes a point of shouting her opinion loud enough for everyone to hear, even the jury and Randy. She naturally voted for Randy. Randy is voted out by one vote.

* * * * *

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