Survivor Gabon The Brains Behind Everything S17E08 (CBS)

At Kota, Kenny, Crystal and Susie are happy that Marcus is gone. Bob realizes that he’s going to be next to go if they lose another challenge. Matty and Corinne can’t start a fire with flint. They don’t have any food. Matty gets treemail and they receive a golf flag. They have to fling golf balls using a slingshot.

It’s time for the next challenge. Fang is surprised to see that Marcus was evicted. Matty is pretty happy. Corinne and Charlie can’t believe it. The tribes are playing for a night away from the camps, which includes a feast. Fang outdrove Kota by just a bit in the first drive. Matty misfires and they end up 20 yards from the hole. Kenny shoots and wins the first point for Kota. Matty’s second shot ends them almost 6 inches from the hole. Kota is further away and Kenny misses the hole. Fang evens it out. Final hole, 200 yards uphill. Bob’s drives go pretty far. Matty’s shot is pretty near the hole. Bob’s isn’t far. Kenny does the next shot and just misses. Matty misses but he’s next to the hole. Kenny misses. Randy, Charlie and Matty argue a lot. Jeff finds it funny. Randy tells him to drop it but Matty isn’t hearing it. It’s ridiculous. Randy is pissed because Matty wanted to sling it instead of just dropping it. Corinne decides to send Bob to Exile Island.

Fang leaves for the Gabonese village. Matty is stoked at finally winning a reward. They get washed. They talk about Marcus leaving. Charlie has hit bottom. Fang dances to the music. Matty thinks that he’ll get voted out next.

At Kota, Kenny is rowing in circles because the boat is stuck. They are eating 3 fishes together. Kenny is surprised to be providing from the girls. Bob is at Exile. He took the clue. He doesn’t find the idol. He decides to make a fake idol for himself.

At Fang, they get treemail. The challenge has to do with starting a fire. Randy hates Crystal and talks trash about her to his tribemates.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribes learns that they are merged and they are competing for individual challenge. Corinne has got incredibly blue eyes. The goal is to make a fire high enough to burn through a rope. Susie’s first to start her fire. The tribemembers don’t know how flint works. Matty cuts his hand with the knife. Sugar is next to start her fire. It’s between Sugar and Susie. Susie wins immunity.

They are going to the old Fang camp. Randy wants Crystal gone. They got some food and soon the tribemembers are strategizing about who to vote out. Randy tells Charlie that he’s voting for Crystal. Sugar is stuck in the middle. They both realize that it’s war for her. Sugar wants to get rid of Randy, but she talks with Corinne and Charlie. They all realize that she’s the swing vote. Corinne thinks that Sugar is weak, gullible and a moron.

Matty, Crystal, Kenny and Susie talk strategy. They all hate Corinne. Kenny thinks that they need to blindside Charlie about some reason that he made up. He lied about that, but he just doesn’t like the fact that Charlie made him share the clue about the other immunity idol. Kenny tells Sugar that Charlie is the rest. Sugar starts to realize that she’s the swing vote. She doesn’t trust Kenny or Crystal. They call themselves Nobag, Gabon backwards.

It’s time for tribal. Marcus joins them as the first member of the jury. Jeff asks Randy about the arguments they had at the reward challenge. Crystal talks about herself in the 3rd person. Randy makes a list about how much he hates her.

This is Crystal.
Crystal about herself

Charlie thinks that people need to think about what they say. Sugar has a bit of a cry while she casts her vote. Randy wrote down C.C. Jeff had to ask the tribemembers who cast the vote to explain. Charlie is voted out. Sugar voted for him. Randy and Corinne are next. The old Kota tribe is getting picked off.

* * * * *

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