The Amazing Race Please Hold While I Singe My Skull S13E06 (CBS)

Terence/Sarah face a 30 minute time penalty for getting a speeding ticket. The teams fly to Delhi, India. They must travel by taxi to a shop for their next clue. Dallas has been flirting a bit with Starr, but it’s awkward with his mom and Nick around. Toni/Dallas join Nick/Starr at the travel agency. They research India.

Starr admits that she likes Dallas as well. Ken and Tina bicker over the internet. All of the teams are on the same flight to Delhi.

Nick/Starr are the first ones in a taxi. Ken/Tia follow. Andy/Dan are in 4th place. Starr/Nick think that Kelly/Christy are dressed inappropriately. Already, they’ve been getting glances from everybody. Ken/Tina’s driver doesn’t know where he’s going. They ask around.

Nick/Starr are 1st there. They face a Roadblock. They must go green. They have to pain a tuktuk green since they run on natural gas. Andy/Dan arrive next. Kelly/Christy’s driver is lost as well. Toni/Dallas arrive at the shop.

Nick finds the romance between Starr and Dallas cute. Terence is giving his driver wrong instructions. Ken/Tina and Terence/Sarah are still lost. Terence/Sarah finally arrive. Ken/Tina arrive. Starr is the first to start spray painting. Andy/Dan are next. The other teams don’t like the way Terence acts towards Sarah. Andy/Dan and Kelly/Christy  don’t like it. Tina is badgering Ken. Dallas helps his mom. Terence badgers Sarah. Andy/Dan finish first. They must make their way to the Ambassador hotel and search the gardens for an Indian doorman, who’ll hand them their next clue. Nick/Starr finish 2nd. They get into a taxi first, in front of Andy/Dan who went the wrong way. Toni/Dallas finish 3rd. Ken/Tina finish 4th. They had their taxi driver waiting for them. Kelly/Christy finish 5th. Terence/Sarah finish last.

The teams face a Detour. Launder Money or Launder Clothes. In Launder Money, teams make their way to a banquet hall and make a necklace out of money for a wedding. Teams must exchange their own notes so that the 10 bills add up to 780 rupees. In Launder Clothes, the teams use a charcoal powered iron to iron 20 items of clothing. Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas do the ironing.

Ken/Tina’s driver is still slow. Andy/Dan and Kelly/Christy do the laundry. The girls call them Dandrew. Nick/Starr start their ironing. Terence/Sarah jump in front of Ken/Tina. They do the Launder Money task. Ken/Tina do the same as they do. Toni/Dallas’ driver is lost. Dandrew’s as well. Kelly/Christy arrive 2nd. Toni/Dallas arrive. Dandrew finally arrive. Terence/Sarah arrive at the banquet hall. Terence wants to go on the street to ask for change. Nick/Starr finish 1st. Dandrew have trouble ironing and folding. Teams must make their way to Baha’i House, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Terence/Sarah find the change.

Nick/Starr finish 1st. They’ve each won an electric car. Kelly/Christy finish the ironing next. They go to the pit stop. They finish 2nd. Toni/Dallas finish the ironing 3rd. Dandrew continue having trouble with the ironing. Wind knocks their clothes over and Dan is pissy. Terence/Sarah are in 4th. They make their way to the pit stop followed closely by Ken/Tina.

Toni/Dallas finish 3rd. Terence/Sarah finish 4th. Ken/Tina can’t find a taxi. They manage get into a tuk tuk but he’s also lost. They argue. Dandrew are in last place but because Ken/Tina have taxi problems, they move into next place.

Dandrew finish 5th. Ken/Tina finish last. They aren’t eliminated. They’ll face a Speed Bump sometime during the next leg of the race.

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