Dexter Easy as Pie S03E07 (Showtime)

Exit sign at Le Nelligan

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

It’s the season premiere of Dexter. Lila is dead. Dexter is back at work. His life with Rita is going well. Dex does something stupid when he moves in to kill Freebo. He kills someone else. He wasn’t prepared to find out who it was he killed. At least no one is on Dex’s case.

Dex is able to move on, to get by his father’s death while Deb is still stuck. I thought that this was a great way to start the third season of Dexter. I recommend this show, it was filled with interesting bits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

For some reason, Dexter is grooming Miguel to be a serial killer. Things will not work out between them, that’s for sure. Miguel has been getting more and more forward about getting things done. Wolf organizes the Chung surrender, but things go south quickly.

Deb gets involved with Anton, finally.

* * * * *

I think that Camilla has been trying to get Dex to kill her. There is some chemistry between Anton and Deb. Yuki and Quinn has a history.

Rita is getting the wedding together. Strangely, Dex has only Deb on his list. Rita tells him to include his friends like Angel. Dex thinks of Miguel immediately.

Camilla is getting ready to die. She wants Dex to take charge of things. Dex doesn’t mind. It turns out that Ramon is getting released thanks to his brother Miguel. Ramon gets early retirement with benefits. Ramon has no choice but to accept. Miguel thanks Maria for the way that she handled that.

Dex is making his wedding party list during the case briefing. Baptista wants to use Anton as bait. Deb asks Dex not to invite Quinn. The next case is Lisa Morden, college valedictorian on her way to Harvard Business School. The murderer was in socks, not shoes. Matsuka thinks that Albert Chung is responsible. He also took off his shoes.

The blood matches to Albert Chung, who’s running free. Miguel and Dex are at the driving range. Miguel wants them to take care of Chung. Miguel actually wants to go after Ellen Wolf, the attorney who gets perps off their charges. Dex doesn’t plan on doing her. Miguel wants him to research her. In the interest of friendship, he plans on keeping an open mind.

Camilla is upset that she’s going to live another month. She doesn’t want to live through this. She asks him to kill her. Deb calls on Anton. She tells him that she heard a rumour that he knows where Freebo is. She implies that he needs to get out of town.

Dex doesn’t want to change the rules for friends. He can’t change the code. Syl tells Rita that she’s worried about Miguel. Rita tells her to deal with her problems. She tells Syl that Dex was on drugs and had an affair.

Baptista and Gianna are horsing around. Gianna doesn’t want to take the relationship any further. She just wants to be friends.

Ellen Wolf tells LaGuerta that she’s here to negotiate the surrender of Albert Chung. Prado is talking with Wolf. Wolf tells Dex that he might have planted evidence. Prado asks Dex to stay at the negotiating table so that he sees what a piece of work Wolf is. All Dex sees is a defence attorney doing her job well, maybe just too well.

Deb tells Dex that she would pull the plug on him. Baptista invites Gianna to Dex’s wedding. He tells her that he’s decided that he wants to spend time with her. She kisses him.

Yuki comes to see Deb at the precinct. It turns out that Yuki wasn’t screwing Quinn, but Deb doesn’t give a shit.

Things have just gotten worse between Syl and Miguel after she confronted him. They are having dinner with their spouses. Miguel asks Dex about Wolf. Dex refuses to kill her because she’s just doing her job. Dex tells him no straight out and Miguel loses it. It’s personal with him and Dex isn’t intimidated. He tells Rita that Miguel isn’t having an affair. Rita (Julie Benz) is so freaking hot, it’s incredible.

Deb spent all night at the precinct. Deb is high on a metric fuckton of caffeine. She’s seeing a connection in the trees. All of the homes have trimmed trees. He’s using the tree trimming gig as a cover to surveil homes and to grab the victims. Quinn is pissed that Morgan discovered what she did.

-How much caffeine have you had Morgan?
-Probably, a metric fuckton!
Baptista and Deb talking at the precinct

LaGuerta comes to see Wolf again. Her conscience is eating her up. Maria wants to help her. It turns out that she helped Wolf get Chung without having him surrender to the cops. Miguel thanks Dex for holding him back and saying no. Dex asks Miguel to be his best man. Dex takes care of Camilla.

Deb kisses Anton at his place.

* * * * *

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