Dexter The Damage a Man Can Do S03E08 (Showtime)

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Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

It’s the season premiere of Dexter. Lila is dead. Dexter is back at work. His life with Rita is going well. Dex does something stupid when he moves in to kill Freebo. He kills someone else. He wasn’t prepared to find out who it was he killed. At least no one is on Dex’s case.

Dex is able to move on, to get by his father’s death while Deb is still stuck. I thought that this was a great way to start the third season of Dexter. I recommend this show, it was filled with interesting bits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Love is in the air. Baptista is involved with Gianna. Deb is in love with Anton. Miguel is getting ready to do his first kill with Dex. The squad isn’t making much progress on the Skinner case. They’ve got a suspect, but no evidence, thanks to Deb, who brainstormed in the last episode to find a connection with tree trimming. Anton disappears and Deb is worried that the Skinner has him.

* * * * *

In the last episode, Deb kissed Anton. Miguel and Dex are having pizza and watching sports. He shows him Billy Fleeter, a onetime college football player. After he didn’t get into the pros, he turned to gambling. In an effort to pay off his debts, he became an enforcer for his bookie. He’s killed a few people with a baseball bat, but Miguel could never make it stick. Miguel wants to kill him. Dexter doesn’t think that it’s a good idea.

Rita is all hormonal, even the kids notice. She’s upset that she’s organizing the wedding. Deb spent the night at Anton’s and discovers his pot stash in the morning. She leaves without saying much, after having had some playful banter with him.

Angel is kissing Gianna goodbye on the elevator. They hooked up. Quinn warns him that now Barb will be taking down notes to make sure that he’s relationship material. Baptista is confused and asks Morgan, who says that it’s more of a mental process. Maria asks Baptista to be her date on a police function, but he politely refuses. The precinct is filled with tree trimmers.

Dex checks up on Fleeter with Miguel. Dex tells him about the code. Deb asks Quinn about Anton’s drug habits. He says that he was only arrested for pot, however it must all be written down somewhere in CI files. She phones him and he tells her that Quinn always pays him cash. This means that he’s off the books as a CI. Maria asks Ellen to come with her to the police function.

Deb and Quinn question Mr. King, a tree trimmer. He fingers Mario, who was in trouble in Nicaragua. He killed someone there with a knife.

Dex discovers that Fleeter makes his money by killing off people who can’t pay off their debts, sending a message to others. Dex gets another frantic call from Rita. He needs help getting wedding bands. Quinn tells Deb that Anton is not officially a CI. Deb couldn’t find him in the CI files. Anton has got no record. Quinn and Deb have an argument over Anton’s status and she tells him the latest from Yuki. In the last episode, Yuki revealed that a cop died because Quinn didn’t like playing by the rules.

Dex and Miguel break into Fleeter’s place. Dex finds the murder weapon right away. He will test it to make sure that Fleeter has killed. They also need to make sure that he will kill again. They find his black book filled with people who owe bookies. Miguel and Dex buy some supplies. Dex is schooling him on who to proceed. Dex is happy that he’s putting together a “starter kit” for Miguel. He’s teaching Miguel on how to become a serial killer. They prep a kill room.

Rita loses it again when she’s sending out wedding invites with Syl. Deb tells Quinn that he’s no longer a CI due to a clerical error. He’s free. He wants to celebrate. Quinn won’t be happy.

After the police function, Maria and Ellen go out for drinks, since there was no open bar at the dinner. Dex and Miguel are getting ready for the kill, but Miguel gets recognized. Dex thinks that they should lay off.

Deb is waiting for Anton. He doesn’t show for their breakfast date. Dex sees in the paper that another man is found bludgeoned to death. This was Fleeter’s kill. Deb calls Dex and she helps him getting the rings. She tells him that he needs to buy Rita an engagement ring.

Quinn and Deb are on a stakeout. Yuki was his partner in Narcotics. They had another guy on their team. He made a bad judgement call and shot an unarmed coke dealer. He paralyzed him, it was in the papers. Stewart went on a bender and killed himself. Stew had a crystal meth problem. Quinn knew of it, and tried to protect him. They arrest Mario.

Baptista has a lot of work and wants to cancel dinner plans with Gianna. Dex wants to call off the kill. Miguel wants to still do it. Miguel wants him to get rid of the code and proceed with the kill. Miguel thinks that he understands Dex. He wants to let some of his darkness out too. Dex mentioned that without the code, the darkness would overwhelm him, his Dark Passenger.

Deb and Quinn question Mario. Mario is terribly afraid when he learns that King told them that he knew something. It’s almost like he’s scared to death. Morgan and Quinn put two and two together and flag King’s car.

Angel has been going loopy because he couldn’t get in touch with Barb. She shows up at the end of the night with some food for Angel. She’s been listening to his message all day. She isn’t upset. His message has been making her laugh all day.

Anton isn’t playing at his gig when Deb comes by. Dex and Miguel take Fleeter to the kill room. It’s the first time that Dex witnesses a kill. Miguel actually goes through with it. Miguel feels fantastic. Dex says that he will take care of the body.

Deb checks at Anton’s place and finds it deserted. She checks and sees that there are trimmed trees at his apartment. The Skinner has been here.

Dex cleans up and goes home. Rita is still up. He gives her the engagement ring. Rita says that she goes crazy when she gets preggers.

The episode ends with Miguel paying a visit to Ellen Wolf. He’s still dressed in his kill clothes. Dex doesn’t know what he’s unleashed.

* * * * *

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