Woman Vs Men Ideal Sizes

It comes from Fabulous Magazine. (via Lena Chen)

Author: range

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4 thoughts on “Woman Vs Men Ideal Sizes”

  1. My wife is the middle one, and while I am happy with her, a few more lbs toward the men’s ideal would make me happier. when she is more the women’s ideal she is saggy, but toward the men’s ideal the added “plumpness” is visible in her breasts, hips, and so on. I rather like that.

  2. My wife is like the middle one too. She’s always been skinny. What I don’t understand is women getting implants. I’m more of ass man myself.

  3. Not that I should complain. But she gained about 5 lbs lately and it went to her breasts, and they plumped up rather nicely. I liked it. She was only concerned that she’d gained weight and wasn’t aware of where it went. I keep reminding her of how nice she looks and how much I like it and HOPE she will stop focusing on the small amount of weight she gained. As to which part? I am just fascinated by ALL parts of a good looking woman.

    A woman’s hands are marvelous and delicate.
    Her face and head shape are intricate and nearly divine.
    A woman’s legs and hips, thighs, and butt are enough to
    drive me to distraction and make me glad she’s mine.
    I refer to my wife, but all women are great creatures
    made by G-d as the tour de force of His creation.
    A woman’s arms, and rib cage, and vital accoutrements thereon
    are enough to make me sigh with bliss.

    Ok. No more poetry for me.

  4. I think my wife needs to gain a bit of weight. She’s been told that she looks a bit thin these days. I put that down to her eating too much raw food, that’s the way I eat because I run a lot. I think she needs more carbs.

    Like most women, wives are influenced by the media. It’s hard to explain to them that not all men want gigantic boobs and hourglass figures.

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