Survivor Gabon The Good Things In Life Arent Easy S17E11 (CBS)

Randy just got evicted. At Nobag, Kenny and Sugar are laughing it up. Bob isn’t happy the way that they are belittling Randy. Sugar and Corinne squabble. Sugar thinks that she is hypocritical. Corinne is in the dumps because the others have dismantled her alliance.

Kenny and Bob go fishing and bring back some big fishes. Bob has taught Kenny a lot, but he doesn’t know how to play the game. Bob uses an old can to make a frying pan.

It’s time for the next challenge. The tribe will split into two teams. They will assemble some giant sprockets in a puzzle. The winners will face off in a head to head battle. Up for grabs some video messages from their families. Jeff gives them a little taste. Matty’s girlfriend is hot. They will also win pizza, brownies and beer. Crystal and Susie are team captains. Susie gets Matty and Kenny. Crystal gets Sugar and Matty. Corinne isn’t playing.

The teams are tied together and have to cross a muddy swamp. Matty, Kenny and Susie are in the lead. They start assembling their gears. Bob is a physics teacher and leading his team. They assemble theirs first and raise their flag. They move onto the slide puzzle. Bob gets his in about 10 seconds. He wins reward. He enjoys it alone. Kenny really wanted the reward, but now he wants to get rid of Bob. Bob’s wife is actually there in Gabon. She surprises him while he watches her vid. It was perfectly timed. She goes with him to camp. Bob brings in all of the loved ones. Everyone cries.

Kenny talks strategy with his sister. Matty is spending time with his hottie Jamie. Matty proposes to Jamie. He made her a little necklace. Sugar gets some ashes from her father. Bob and Corinne want to blindside Matty. Matty and the others want to get rid of Bob. Bob tells Corinne that he’s got the idol that Marcus threw into the ocean.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They have to throw balls into a giant sandy bull’s eye. They get to throw balls if they answer a question correctly. Sugar and Corinne get the first question right. Sugar is in front with 3 shots. The man to beat is Matty. Bob beats Matty. Crystal is out. Matty is out. Bob improves his mark. Unless they get the bull’s eye, Bob wins immunity. Corinne is out. Sugar makes her last toss and misses. Bob wins immunity.

Bob wants to build the fake idol. He wants to blindside Matty and convince two other people to join their alliance. The others want to get rid of Corinne now instead. Corinne tells Kenny about her convoluted story about the immunity idol. Corinne tells Kenny that they are taking out Matty. Kenny says that he will have to change alliances. They talk with Bob and they want to get rid of Matty. Bob shows his 2nd fake idol to Crystal. Crystal shakes his hand but I wouldn’t believe her. She’s a snake.

Crystal and Kenny strategize to maximize their alliance. Crystal will vote for Corinne. He will vote for Matty. This will force Corinne to play the idol. It’s a win-win scenario for them.

It’s time for tribal council. They talk about trust. Kenny votes for Matty. Corinne doesn’t play the fake idol. By a vote of 4-3, Corinne is voted out.

* * * * *

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